App Version

Ali Reviews 3.2.1 (25-12-2017)

Advisory Notice

Please clear your browser cache after updating for better performance & avoiding any bugs.

What’s New

  • New dashboard page for quicker overview your activities
  • New profile shortcut
  • New recommended app listing
  • Now users can downgrade plan without having to reinstall the app
  • New default customer avatar
  • New default reviews flow:
    • Removed option to choose how many reviews will be randomized
    • Removed auto-adding reviews option
    • Now users have to click import button to push default reviews to all non-review products
    • This change is to make all default reviews become “real” one for star counting on category page
  • Improve system stability
  • Improve Oberlo¬†reviews getting performance
  • Fix some visual bugs & correct some spelling errors
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