Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for selling your creative goods. In fact, you may not have noticed but you’ve probably bought something from a store that uses it. And if you can’t tell that the store uses Shopify, then it’s doing its job! Shopify is meant to give online stores a stylish framework for selling their wares. Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Shopify isn’t a marketplace. You can’t go to their website and browse thousands of products. Rather, you go to the store’s unique URL and browse only their products—not their competitor’s wares.

There are other advantages to picking Shopify as your e-commerce platform. One big plus is its flexibility. Nearly every aspect of your shop can be tweaked to your liking. From the design to 3rd party apps that help you run your business, Shopify lets you customize things based on your needs. So, let’s jump right in and see what other advantages that Shopify can offer you.

Domain Freedom. You can land your Shopify store in your own existing domain or you can use the Shopify subdomain like ““.

Easy to Manage. Every setting and function is very easy to use. You don’t need to know anything about codes to set up your online store and start selling. The dashboard has a very intuitive design. Check it out for yourself for FREE.

Design & Customization. The level of customization on Shopify is high, you can actually use the free or premium themes available as they come or even customize it to make it look as you want easily and fast. These templates are conscientiously designed to show only the essential with a clean design and mobile responsive. Shopify has built-in mobile e-commerce shopping cart features so your customers can buy directly from their mobile phones.


Great Buying Experience. It will be super easy and fast for your customers to buy. The buying experience is key to make sales and get customers coming back. The following graphic shows the reasons why people leave the shopping cart without paying. Almost all the reasons are caused by easy to fix mistakes like “Website navigation too complicated”. Shopify has all this solved. For customers, Shopify feels friendly, fast and secure in every step. It makes you look very professional and the best part is that your customers never see the Shopify logo, all they see is your own branding.


Customers Database. With Shopify, you have full control of your customers. When you make a sale, you get all the information you need from your customer: Name, Address, Mail, Phone Number, Notes, Location, etc. This way you can easily contact them and it also helps you to build your customer email list in order to promote your store again. It’s 7x more expensive to get a new customer than to retain an existing one.Apps. These are very useful add-ons to your store. A lot of different apps that you can actually add to your store for free or you can also buy premium apps like from FireApps for example.

Apps. These are very useful add-ons to your store. A lot of different apps that you can actually add to your store for free or you can also buy premium apps like from FireApps for example. There is a constant app development and the best Shopify Apps are constantly updated.


Great Support and Continuous Improvement. People like and trust Shopify because it continuously improves. Also, if you have some trouble you can contact them 24/7 in three different ways: by email, by a live chat or by a phone call. They have experts attending people from the simple to the advanced stuff. I like to contact them using the live chat because that way I can send them links and we usually find a solution faster.

Social Media Integration. Your Shopify store can be integrated into your Fanpage allowing your fans to see and buy all of your products from Facebook.

Shopify Plans & Pricing

Shopify allows you to start building your store during a free 14-day trial before paying, but during this period you cannot sell because your store will we blocked (shown as “coming soon”) unless you pick a plan. Here you can register for your Free Trial!
Shopify Competitors Comparison
It is true that when you are starting an online store, at first you think you need something and you end needing something else. It’s part of the path you have to follow to learn which are the best tools for your business. That’s why is hard to choose the correct eCommerce platform at the beginning. So you can say that there isn’t a perfect choice because all alternatives have their pros and cons.
So, who is Shopify for?

  • Individuals without a technical profile who want a professional selling platform ready to use with all the tools integrated and working together. This way you can focus on driving more traffic to your store and attending your clients instead of trying to do something you don’t master.
  • Those who have their own traffic sources like their own website or social network profiles.
  • Individuals and Brands who are willing to pay for ads.

Now that you know why Shopify is a great platform & you may want to Start Right Away! We have some guides to teach you how to create your online store in just more than 15 minutes.

Finally, if you want to increase your conversion rate by using social proof, don’t forget to check out our Ali Reviews app on Shopify.

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