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Do Not Ignore Online Customer Reviews

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Have you ever wondered how important the customer review is? Very important, as it turns out. The fact is, 90% of consumers read online customer reviews before visiting a business. And 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. You might have found an aggregated “star” rating for a product you wanted to buy or a poorly-spelled review about one user’s traumatic experience with it. Though customer reviews range in thoroughness and comprehensibility, they do hold a powerful effect on the behavior of your audience—and therefore, the performance of your brand.
It’s no secret that online reviews can be significant, but just how important are they to a marketing campaign? Can they really make or break a sale? Can the quantity or quality of the reviews you receive have that big of an impact on your company’s bottom line? You will find your answer after reading this article.


Purchase Decisions

The number of online consumers who read and trust online reviews is increasing. According to a survey by BrightLocal, 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation—which is astounding, considering most online reviews are posted by total strangers. The same survey found that only 12 percent of the population did not regularly read reviews for consumer products.
What this means is that not offering user reviews (or ignoring them as a potential marketing opportunity) is akin to alienating 88 percent of your buying population, depriving them of information they want to help them make their buying decisions.


The importance of online customer reviews

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The multiple benefits of reviews

Online reviews do more for your business than just look good on external sites:

  • Lots of good reviews can increase your business’s local rankings in search engines. Currently, Google displays the “top three” most relevant businesses for any given query. When someone searches for a business in your area that’s like yours, Google uses customer ratings as a major determining factor for whom it places in those top three spots.
  • Better reviews mean you’ll get more clicks once you’re ranked. Imagine that you’re looking for a specific kind of restaurant, and you’re met with three options: One has an average five stars, while the other two have an average two stars. Which one will you click? Rankings are nice, but qualified traffic is even better.
  • Better reviews mean more business. Customer reviews are a subjective yet reliable credibility score that let other potential customers know whether your business is a good choice.

These three benefits, working together, clearly illustrate the value of attracting good reviews online. If between two otherwise equal competitors, one business pursues better reviews while the other ignores them, the business that pursues better reviews will undoubtedly win out in terms of traffic and eventual purchases.


How To Deal With Negative Reviews

Every business gets a bad review now and then, and some businesses naturally have trouble attracting reviews from their customers. When you receive a negative review, here’s what you should do:

  • Respond Promptly
  • Be real and admit your mistakes
  • Correct inaccuracies
  • Highlight your strengths
  • Write like a person, not a corporation
  • Take it offline
  • Provide restitution if it’s warranted
  • Ask loyal customers to share their experiences
  • Be consistent
  • Understand How Rating and Review Sites Work

You can also install Ali Reviews app to manage your customer reviews. It applies a review form on your site that allows customers to write a review and you possibly approve which ones you want to show. Moreover, it helps you easily create a review page that separates from the product page and collects all your best customer reviews. This is a fast way to build trust and turn the shoppers into customers.

If you do drop shipping with AliExpress, Ali Reviews will be a powerful tool to import bulk reviews for your products at once. Check out Shopify App Store to create social proof and build trust for your store.


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