how to make a great customer review section for your store

How To Make A Great Customer Review Section For Your Store

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Customer reviews are a very powerful, yet underutilized, online marketing tool that helps e-commerce businesses build credibility, alleviate concerns, and convert prospects into true customers. Adding customer reviews to your website can be an extremely effective way to establish trust and strengthen your company’s reputation.

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Besides the review contents, the layout and design of review section are one of the most important factors affecting sales. The traditional layout, structure, and design elements of a review section usually consist of customer reviews arranged in a list style that is redundant and unattractive for shoppers. This is because a lot of companies don’t view the customer reviews as being an integral part of achieving success on the web.

Including review anywhere on your website is better than having none at all. However, they may prove to be a lot more valuable to your web strategy if you step outside of the traditional formats used for client reviews and create a custom-tailored approach. 

An excellent way to accomplish this is to integrate customer reviews into the central theme and layout of your website. Customer reviews aren’t something to hide – they are something to be proud of and share with others. Modern websites use seamless web designs to flaunt their customer reviews via live social media streams, content sliders on the homepage, video testimonials, case studies, and much more.


Tips for Creating a Great Customer Review Section

Based on all these great examples, here are some tips and ideas you can use when designing and building your own review section:

  • Use the highest-quality photos and video you can manage (send out a crew if you can!)
  • Make your customers look good (not just your own business and your product)
  • Change theme and icon following season or holiday
  • Try out different layouts or any eye-catching design
  • Make it easy for more customers to submit a review
  • Use rating star across your site to drive conversions – including the homepage

If you’re running an e-commerce business as dropshipping, Ali Reviews will be the best choice. It will help you import reviews from AliExpress for all product at once, apply a form for customer make their own review, create a review page with no coding. Moreover, you can easily customize the theme settings for the review section as you like. Theme settings with plenty of options will let you make attractive, persuasive and creative review section by your style.


review section for product page

Style 1




review section for your store

Style 2



It will be boring if every store has the same review section. The store design is one of the important keys to increasing sales. Now it’s time to show the unique point of your store by decorating the review section or change the style following the season and holiday in theme settings. There will be tons of interesting things waiting for you to try out.

Watch this Video Tutorials below to find out how to decor you review section. If you have any question else, read FireApps Help & Knowledge Base for more.



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