[Dropshipping] Choose An Established Platform or Create An Online Store?

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A hard decision for new dropshipper who is standing in front of 2 selling platforms: Choosing an established selling platform or create an online store.

Dropshipping has now become an easiest online business way to earn money in 2018. Everyone can possibly run their own business in order to become a millionaire without needing a huge investment, even owning as little as 20$.

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Although not difficult, still not very easy for everyone because there are thousands of people starting dropshipping business. This means that many markets are high violently competitive.

To turn your business into a profitable online business, you must build and maintain the outstanding performance by choosing suitable selling platform.

This is an important segment leads to success from the beginning. It will be hard for new dropshipper to decide between selling on an established platform, or starting there own independent online store.

Let’s finger out the advantages and disadvantages of these two selling platforms:

Choose an established selling platform

In common, most of new dropshipper choose a well-established online marketplace like Amazon or eBay to run their business. There are some reasons:

  • An easiest way to start selling by setting up an account with some available features
  • There’s away high traffic on these platforms
  • They’ve already built trust for customers
  • A chance to earn huge amount of money from them

Besides, some disadvantages can be outlined here:

  • Fee-charging for every sale you make
  • Limited authorization to control: Branding, customer service, product photography etc
  • Be under competition with many sellers on the same platform
  • No outstanding performance compared to other sellers
  • Low conversion rate because consumers have lots of choice in one place

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Create your own online store

To be more outstanding in dropshipping marketing with highly competitive, many dropshipper made a strong decision: Create their own online store following their extraordinary ideas.

While at the beginning, it may require much more investment, but it is considered to be a ultimate long-term option for making money, building a business online and help your store more standout.

You can easily get started with your own store with the help of many tools like Shopify and SaleHoo Stores. Let’s see which advantages it will bring to you:

  • Built and fully customize your online store in order to make it more stand out
  • Completely control your store branding, design, layout and manage products as well as inventory
  • Independent of a third-party platform
  • No fees and higher profit margins
  • No direct competition from other sellers on the same platform
  • Easily to manage orders, track sales and growth trends

However, there are some disadvantages to be are of:

  • It takes time and money to design and set up/customize your store
  • Customer may not trust and hesitate to buy as your store lacks guaranteed traffic
  • You have to pay more attention to invest in SEO and marketing to rank your website on Google.

If you intend to invest in dropshipping and grow your business in a long period to make a huge profit, especially with established platforms becoming more and more saturated every year, create your own store is an action should be taken.

Since there are plenty of e-commerce solutions for an online store to help you save more time and get more money. If you choose Shopify e-commerce platform, there are more than 2,400 applications to help run your online store effectively and gain more orders.

For example, you can build trust for your customer and get more their buying action by using Ali Reviews and Shipping Info Apps,… (Click here for more information: https://fireapps.io/shopify-apps/).

Hope you find out your best decision!

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