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Part 1 – A to Z Facebook Ads Guide for Beginners: Facebook Ads Overview

facebook ads guide for beginners

Is this the first time that you are going to create Facebook ads? There are many people like you who feel confused about developing a campaign using Facebook Ads. Don’t be afraid if you haven’t had any experience with or just have some basic knowledge about it. All you need is a detail Facebook ads guide,… View Article

Is this the first time that you are going to create Facebook ads? There are many people like you who feel confused about developing a campaign using Facebook Ads. Don’t be afraid if you haven’t had any experience with or just have some basic knowledge about it. All you need is a detail Facebook ads guide, that’s why we are here to help.

In this article, we’ll show you in great detail how to use this social network and how to create a comprehensive Facebook ads yourself that brings you positive results.

But before you embark on setting any ad campaign, you need to understand why you should invest both your money and time into Facebook ads and how to receive the best result after each campaign. Let’s take a look at our Facebook ads overview!

What is Facebook advertising?

Remember that you only do well if you understand what Facebook ads are and what they can help you with your campaign. As you know, Facebook is one of the biggest social media networks among marketer. It offers an ad platform that will assist you in the process of creating your advertising.

facebook ads guides for beginners

At first, you may feel overwhelmed by the Facebook platform because of its too many functions and options. But once you’re familiar with it, you will know exactly what you need to do to create your most effective Facebook Ads.

Why Facebook Ads?

Social Network has been booming since 2000 and the number of internet users has been growing fast. As you can see, there are more and more people on social media, which leads to the high potential of marketing. Followed by that, digital marketing has also grown rapidly.

Facebook is one of the most commonly used online platforms that almost everyone has at least one profile on it. Moreover, it is the first social media network that added an advertising system, which giving you the freedom to create your own custom ad and choose which people you target. Thanks to this tool, you can get more interactions, followers, subscriptions, higher website traffic, etc and achieve the ultimate goal that your brand can get a higher profit.

Facebook ads also connect to Instagram ads. Therefore, you just need to design one ad campaign for Facebook, then it will display automatically on Instagram. By this way, you have a double chance to put your content in front of your targeted users.

However, many people still hesitate because of the cost of Facebook ads, but it’s still pretty affordable compared to some alternatives. This is particularly true when your ad campaigns have a high relevance score, which means Facebook believes your ad is a good fit for your target audience, and they’ll lower your CPC (cost per click)

Here are all of the reasons you should have a Facebook ad campaign:

facebook ads guide for beginners

Facebook Ads Objective

It’s important to pick the right advertising objective on Facebook that aligns with your business goals. Here Facebook offers 11 objectives for ads, which are split into three categories:

  • Awareness: Generate interest in your product or service
  • Consideration: Get people to start thinking about your business and looking for more information about it
  • Conversion: Encourage people who are interested in your business to purchase your products or use your service.

facebook ads guide for beginners

Formats of Facebook Ads

There are different formats of Facebook ads that you want to create. Depend on your ad objective, you need to choose the one that adapts the best to your needs! Here are 10 main Facebook ads formats:

Image Ads

This is the simplest way to get more attention to your brand or products. Just using one or more eye-catching images, adding some remarkable content to create your ads. However, please take note that you shouldn’t add too much text in your actual image. If you do that, Facebook’s algorithms may serve your ad less! You can use these ads for many things like brand awareness, selling products, or even highlighting services.

Video Ads

Facebook users are most attracted by the short videos. Similar to image ads, video ads are also a popular ad type that can help you reach people who will probably identify with your brand. Shorter videos have higher completion rates.

facebook ads guide for beginners

Therefore, Facebook recommends using a 15 second or less video for your ad as user engagement and watch percentage dips past this length. In this type, your message should be a short story which has the first 15 seconds focusing on your main message with a high impression.

Collection Ads

Collection Ads is an ad format that makes it easier for people to discover, browse and purchase products and offerings in a visual and immersive way. Thus, your product collection can be showed up to targeted customers.

They can tap on your ad to look through and browse your products or can learn about the aspects of a certain product. In addition, this ad type helps engage and encourage users to explore your brand and products instead of just glance at an ad they see on their feed.

Carousel Ads

The carousel format allows you to showcase up to ten images or videos within a single ad, each with its own link. This is a great ad type if you want to show multiple products, highlight a different feature of a product, tell a story or explain a process. Users can swipe through the carousel at their leisure to view your message.

facebook ads guide for beginners

Slideshow Ads

The video alternative. Facebook allows you to use multiple images, music, and text to create a slideshow for your ad. You can tell a story, highlight the different features of a product, or explain a process. Users can swipe through the carousel at their leisure to view your message.

Canvas Ads

This ad format on Facebook is optimized and created for mobile. It’s a full-screen experience separate from the feed for users who click on your ad. Therefore, people can view your videos, photos, carousels, can rotate their phones to pan images. Moreover, they can explore images with tagged products/services.

Messenger Ads

Messenger ads are a new way to connect with current and future customers on Facebook. There are 2 types of messenger ads: An ad that appears within Facebook Messenger and an ad that links to a Facebook Messenger chat window.

Besides these normal ad types, there are some ad formats for specific objectives:

Lead Ads

Lead ads helps you get the user’s information directly on Facebook. People simply tap your ad and a form shows up. This form has been already pre-populated with the contact information with Facebook they’ve shared, and ready to be sent directly to you.

facebook ads guide for beginners

Additionally, users can get the information they want, and you generate a qualified lead for your business. But remember that people don’t like to give much their personal information out. So you only give a considerable content to take the information that you really need.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads target people who’ve already been to your websites, apps and elsewhere on the internet. Then it offers them a second look at the product they were considering. These ads help you to retarget or reconnect with your potential customers and promote them to purchase.

Link Ads

Whether you want people to learn about your product, buy a ticket or download an e-book, Facebook link ads are a great way to get people clicking to your website and visiting the pages that you’d like them to see.

Get people to take the actions you want with your choice of call-to-action buttons: Shop Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Book Now and Download. Link ads work across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

In conclusion, Facebook isn’t just powerful. It’s flexible to fit every campaign you have with different options. And our information surely worth for you to tailor your first campaign with Facebook ads. So are you ready for setting a practical Facebook Ads campaign now? Let’s move to our Parts 2 for a step-by-step guide of setting up a Facebook ad.

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