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Why do my reviews disappear after I change the new theme?

In case you couldn’t find {{product.description}} tag to insert the Reviews section into your store, please follow these following steps to manually add this section that will display on your product page.

  • Copy this code snippet

<div id=”shopify-ali-review” product-id=”{{ }}”>
{{ shop.metafields.review_collector.review_code }}


  • Open your templates/product.liquid  file
  • Locate the {{product.description}} tag and paste the above code snippet right below it. You can also choose another position for your reviews section. Just paste the above snippet wherever you want.

If the theme you’re using supports sections, the product.liquid file may be empty. In this case, you need to locate the {{product.description}} tag by following these steps:

  • Look for {% section ‘file-name’ %} in your product.liquid file.
  • Copy the file name that’s displayed between the quotation marks (” “). In this example, it’s < file-name >.
  • Paste that file name in the search field of the code editor to locate your file. It will most likely be in the ‘Sections’ folder.
  • Open that file and locate the {{product.description}} tag there.
  • Copy the above code snippet below the {{product.description}} tag.

Why aren’t my reviews shown up?

Before generating reviews from, make sure you meet these following requirements:

Here’s example of product links whose URLs are INCORRECT:

  • Previously, the new email notification goes straight to inbox or spam. We’ve changed the direct review getting method to the indirect one, so you have to wait for the email notification after the review getting is done completely.
  • You’re prompted to apply a required update for the new version.

How can you show the rating star in the collection page?

To show the rating star in the collection, you need to add the code snippet into the list-collection.liquid or product-card.liquid file, located in your default theme. Here’re details that guide you how to display reviews in your collection page:

  • Go to the list-collection.liquid or product-card.liquid file. Then, find the following code line (A):

<div>{{ product.title }}</div>
  • Insert the below shortcode under the above code line (A):

<div class="alireview-summary-star-collection clearfix" product-id="{{ }}" shop-domain="{{ shop.permanent_domain}}"> </div>

That’s finished.

Install Ali Reviews app into your store

Please follow these steps below to install Ali Reviews app into your store.

1. Go to Shopify app store at

2. From the search bar, search for “ Ali Reviews” app.

3. Then, you will be redirected to the Ali Reviews detailed page as the image below:

4. After clicking on the “ Get” button, you will be redirected to the install page, please click on the “Install app” button.


5. To continue the installation process, you must approve the fee by clicking on the “ Approve charge” button. You will have 7 days free trial. After these 7 days, recurring fees will be automatically deducted.


6. When the Ali Reviews app is successfully installed, you will be redirected to the dashboard where you must install Ali Reviews extension before setting up and manage the app.

AliReviews Add extension

You now just click on the “INSTALL EXTENSION” button and other steps will be automatically processed.

That’s finished.

Simple steps to set up Ali Reviews app

1. From the dashboard, click on “Apps” section in the left sidebar to manage your apps.

set up Ali Reviews app

2. Select “Ali Reviews” app.

set up Ali Reviews app

3. Choose “Settings” tab to configure the app, including Get Review default settings and Display Reviews section.

  • Local translation management: This section allows you to translate the source text displaying on the Review section into your own language. You can either show or hide this option.

Local translation management

  • Get Review default settings: You can select multiple options to generate reviews such as only import 4-star reviews, 5-star reviews, and reviews with images. Besides, you can setup the default languages to get reviews and a maximum number of reviews imported into each product.

Get Review default settings

  • Display Reviews: This section allows you to select what information should be shown in a review, what kind of sort reviews you would like to apply, and what style you want your reviews section to be displayed. You can enable the “Approve reviews manually” option in this section as well.

Display Reviews

4. Don’t forget to click “Save” to complete the settings.

Import reviews from AliExpress into your store

Before you import reviews from, make sure you have the URL of the product you would like to import its reviews to your product. After that, you should step-by-step follow the guide below to import reviews from AliExpress to your product detail page.

1. Go to the Products page where shows all items listed in your site.

2. Select the product(s) you want to generate reviews.

Import AliExpress reviews

3. Select “Generate Reviews” option from the Edit products dropdown.

Generate Reviews

4. Enter the product URL from AliExpress. Then, click on the “Next” button.

Import AliExpress reviews

5. Now, you will be prompted a screen that allows you to select criteria such as review stars, language, and a maximum number of reviews for each item.

Import AliExpress reviews

6. Finally, click on “GET REVIEW” button to generate reviews.

How can you remove a product's review?

To remove a review, you have to go to Apps → Ali Reviews → General Reviews tab from your dashboard. Then, click on the “eye” icon.

remove a product's review

After that, choose the review you want to delete and click on the “trash” icon as the image below:

remove a product's review

To remove multiple reviews, please choose multiple reviews you want to delete and select Delete option after clicking the Select action drop-down.

remove a product's review

How can you select the default language to get reviews?

To set up the default language to get reviews, you visit Apps → Ali Reviews → Settings tab → Get Reviews default settings to select the default language(s).

default language to get reviews

Please note that the reviews imported are based on the customer’s location on, so you cannot get the exact reviews in the language you selected.

How to cancel my monthly subscription?

The recurring charge mechanism is powered by Shopify, so please contact them for further information. Just uninstall the app for the non-recurring charge. There is no charge before/during your free 7-day trial.
Note: Deleting the app does not cancel your subscription. When your subscription expires, it will not be renewed.

Why are all reviews suddenly not showing on site and in loading status?

Please check if you have updated the new version of Ali Reviews.

Go to and click to update. If there are any bugs, please feel free to contact us

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