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7 AliExpress Dropshipping Mistakes Can Kill Your Business

by Fireapps

Sep 28, 2018

dropshipping mistakes

Dropshipping seems to be a leisured business that you may be able to pass on the tedious tasks of inventory, order filling, and ensuring shipment. That’s why it has become wildly successful in the recent years. However, it’s not exactly easy as pie to succeed. There are some dropshipping mistakes that can make your store… View Article

Dropshipping seems to be a leisured business that you may be able to pass on the tedious tasks of inventory, order filling, and ensuring shipment. That’s why it has become wildly successful in the recent years. However, it’s not exactly easy as pie to succeed. There are some dropshipping mistakes that can make your store fail easily.

In this article, we’ll outline some of the major dropshipping mistakes, as well as actionable ways to solve them.

1. Selling trademark/copyrighted Goods

This is by far the biggest mistake many dropshippers make. If you do not have a license to sell movie, music & sports items and so forth, don’t ever sell. Sure you don’t want to put your store on the line with risking a lawsuit. It may close down, and being made to pay fees.

If you find some products that are marked with well-known brands, especially luxury ones while looking for products on to sell on AliExpress, just walk away.

Instead, you can choose the white-label goods that are produced that other companies can buy and rebrand as their own to dropship. That will help you to avoid he legal hassles of selling trademarked/copyrighted goods.

dropshipping mistakes

2. Go after the Best Seller

There’s a common thought that best-selling products can attract more customer to buy than others. Therefore, you go to AliExpress and find the Best Seller tab to take a look what’s are selling, then you add the same products to your store in order to get more profit. However, this is a huge mistake.

Remember that what might work for other sellers, may not work for you. You will be treated as a newbie while they have an established reputation for selling a particular product.

There’s so much opportunity out there, so do not try to copy the others, build business around your favorite things. It is vital that you stick to your own niche and dominate your own segment in the marketplace. Of course, you can always check other stores for useful tips on marketing/advertising.

3. Not choose the reliable suppliers

When dropshipping with AliExpress, most of the work falls on the suppliers, so how can you make sure that an item is good quality while you haven’t bought it yourself? What if there are problems in the shipping process, or something? Customers just blame everything on you and stay away from your store.

It is imperative that you always choose suppliers that is reliable and reputable to cooperate. Here’s the tip to Find Quality Suppliers on AliExpress.

dropshipping mistakes

4. Sell anything in a general store

Don’t be greedy to sell the stuffs that don’t stick to your niche. If the customers stumble into your store and see varieties on different thing that rather than the thing they are looking for, they’ll turn away to find their suited item someplace else.

You need to bear in mind that you must stick to your niche at all times. Let customers see exactly what they want to buy at the first time they visit your store, and they’ll be compelled to purchase it, rather than being distracted by a whole host of other items.

5. Product importing and fulfillment issue

How much time a week do you spend to add new products to your store and fulfill orders manually? It’s going to be an overwhelmed thing that takes tons of your time and effort when you want to scale up with hundreds of products to sell, or thousands of sales per day. Do you agree that a day-to-day dropshipping can be time-consuming and tedious? If you keep on doing everything yourself, you even don’t have time to do marketing and advertising.

Moreover, your store may say a product is in stock, but by the time you fulfill it, it’s out of stock, so now you have to email the customer telling them their purchase is on backorder and so on. It’s a pain. You may also make some mistakes when fulfilling orders manually. Too many things you need to control if you want to live with dropshipping.

dropshipping mistakes

However, there is a solution that will give you a heads up to automate your dropshipping business, and drain your precious time as well as money . With 1 click, you can get unlimited products for your store, and bulk fulfills orders at once, auto-update inventory and help you manage hundreds of products easily. Explore this solution.

6. Not build trust for your store

Not build trust for your store is a dropshipping mistakes that many dropshippers have. Imagine visiting a new online store for the very first time. You know nothing about the brand, the quality of its products, or commitment to customer satisfaction. Like most shoppers, you’d probably search for reviews from past customers, looking for any proof that the business met their needs. Getting more reviews can build more just and increase your sales up to 30%.

What if your customers see no sales, no reviews when visiting your store? They’ll be suspicious then leave without purchase. Therefore, you need to earn customer trust before they choose to buy from you.

However, it’s quite a challenge to get real customer reviews for each product, especially it’s a new store. How about auto-get available authentic reviews from AliExpress for your store? It’s a simple and effective way to build trust and get more sales that many successful dropshippers used. Here’s the solution.

7. Not having proper customer support

If something goes awry, the first person they will turn to is you as the store owner, and not the third-party supplier that shipped the items. For this reason, all customer support requests should be handled quickly and with great care to make them become the repeat customers. Don’t forget to add them to your mailing list and keep them up to date with the latest promotions, discounts and sales.

Thus, you should still be making sure everything is carried out well, although inventory control and shipping are not your job. Sure, you can solve all of these dropshipping mistakes and make your business run smoothly if you have a specific plan and proper management.

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