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10 Trending Products for Dropshipping in The Last Half of 2018

trending products for dropshipping

Dropshipping is an extremely popular and simple business model for new business starters. You are one of them who got a start with dropshipping business. But when you press the button to start the game, you may feel extremely confused when standing in front of a million kinds of product from many different vendors. While… View Article

Dropshipping is an extremely popular and simple business model for new business starters. You are one of them who got a start with dropshipping business. But when you press the button to start the game, you may feel extremely confused when standing in front of a million kinds of product from many different vendors. While there are endless competitors out there, how could you choose the most trending products which help rev up your revenues and deal with these competitors? Well, it seems to be overwhelming for a starter.

Enable yourself to find potential dropshipping products

Although dropshipping doesn’t take a lot of funds to launch, it will need an immense amount of hard work. Moreover, you need to always remember that customers are not only incessantly looking for the best quality products, but also easily attracted by products that are popular or favored by other people in a certain time. If you can forecast the trend of products you intend to sell before they really peak, you are got into success.


However, it may be hard for a new entrepreneur. For that reason, it will be very useful to follow these tips when you research trending products.

  • Have a pricing strategy: You might actually lose money if you don’t have a pricing strategy. Remember to ensure the balance between the amount of money you adds to a product and marketing and operation cost.
  • Make sure the products are eye-catching, intriguing and unique: These must-have features are the strong key to make your store more stand out to catch people’s attention.
  • Make it difficult to guess the cost you bought the products: Customer will be disappointed if they know the cost you pay for the products is much lower than the price they have to pay although the product is worth the value it provides.
  • Find the products which are rare or difficult to find on e-commerce: The easier products to find, the more competitors have to deal with. Try to make your store be the best place customers can find everything they need.
  • Focus on products that are likely to be bought impulsively: If you let your customer spend their time to research more information about the products before they decide to buy them, they may decide to buy from a more established brand. Therefore, a product can be bought impulsively is more persuasive.

Great head start with 10 trending products

To give you a great head start, we offer you a list of the 10 newest trending products in the last haft of 2018 that you can consider selling and what you can do to market those products. These items are on sale products or new arrivals which are all upward on Google Trend research and almost them has more than 2,000 orders on Ali Express.

1. Car Scratch Remover


Pens and sprays that help you get rid of any unwanted scratches and marks on your precious car. As you can see, car scratch remover is on a sharp rise and it’s about time you think about selling these products at your store.


2. Compression Socks

Compression Socks

These specially designed socks and stockings help increase the blood flow in your lower legs. They prevent conditions that may cause poor blood flow in the lower legs causing swelling and pain. These medically-designed socks are very useful for people who are suffering or want to prevent such conditions. Additionally, they are most in demand.

Currently, compression socks are on a rising trend Worldwide.



3. 3D wall sticker

3D wall sticker

People use these 3D wall stickers for home decoration, shop window displays, wedding marriage room and so on. For that reason, decorate home with colorful 3D wall sticker is now a wide trend as you can see below.

3D wall sticker trending

4. Backpack


Welcome to a back-to-school season starts on August. A backpack will be the most popular product that customers looking for on online stores. Don’t hesitate to add backpack into your hot product lists right away!

Backpack trending

5. Scrubber Brush

Scrubber Brush

Scrubber Brush can be used on tubs, sinks, baseboards, fiberglass shower enclosures, shower door tracks, and porcelain. This useful kit is the best tool for every family to clean up their toilet.

Scrubber Brush trending

Google trending shows the gradually rising of this products in the nearest time. Let’s start to sell this useful product.

6. Sports Bra

Sports Bra

Modern women always pay attention to fitness and health. A perfect sports bra is an indispensable item for every woman to keep them feel comfortable and confident while doing gym or playing sport. Of course, it is not hard to understand why sports bra is always trend catching.

Sports Bra trending

7. Mini water filter

Mini water filter

Summer camping needs special tools. A new survival tool called mini water filter is catching the attention of most campers. It’s system with 2000 Liters filtration capacity for outdoor sports camping. What a trend catching product you shouldn’t miss!

Mini water filter trending

8. Running Shoe

Running Shoe

These hardcore running shoes may very well be the next obscure trend thanks to their eye-catching design and chunky soles.

Running Shoe trending

9. Power Bank

Power Bank

A must-have item for most people who use a smartphone. No matter where they go, their mobile phones would be charged. There are 3 type of power bank are expected to be the most trend catching: Go Wireless, Fast Charging, Power Bank Sharing & Rental

Power Bank trending

10. Fishing lures

Fishing lures

Fishing is a popular sport worldwide. Its enthusiasts are always on the lookout for great fishing gear.

This fluctuation is because of fishing season. The trend goes up in the season while off-season sees a decline Worldwide.

Additionally, you can see how this trend goes up and down at similar intervals.

Fishing lures trending

Finding the best products to sell is only one part of the equation. Therefore, the real secret is figuring out how to market them. But before selling or marketing any products, choosing reliable suppliers must be a priority. The customer’s satisfaction almost depends on product quality and service of sellers.  But how could you be able to make your customers feel more satisfied when these things fall on the suppliers? That’s when you have to be perspicacious to find out the best suppliers.

Let us help you find out the best way to select quality suppliers on AliExpress the biggest and most profitable place to start running dropshipping.

Good products, best suppliers, that’s almost all you need for a perfect start.

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