Feature Tooltip Free
Product Total products sync with Shopify 50000
Import product Total imported products from AliExpress Unlimited
Push product to store Push imported products to store Unlimited
Order per month Total order can fulfill every month Unlimited
Order fulfillment automation Auto fulfill order with 1 click fireapps-active
Product sync Daily update product price, stock fireapps-active
Tracking code sync Auto update tracking code from AliExpress to Ali Orders fireapps-active
Pricing automation Auto set product price when imported fireapps-active
Free extension Free Google Chrome extension fireapps-active
Statistic sales Statistic order, revenue, cost, earning by time fireapps-active
Communication Easy contact with customer and supplier fireapps-active
ePacket detect Find product with any shiping method on AliExpress fireapps-active
EZ sync Easy change from other dropshipping apps to Ali Orders, keep all necessary information fireapps-active
Bulk import product Import whole product page from AliExpress fireapps-active
Bulk import reviews Import product reviews from AliExpress fireapps-active