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Useful Tools

Integration with AmpifyMe: Load your social proof instantly to boost mobile sales

Mobile traffic started to grow and is still growing on large basis. Yet, there are far less mobile conversions than desktop ones, even though the majority of traffic comes from mobile devices.

by Fireapps

Sep 20, 2019

Useful Tools

Integration with Searchanise: Boost your conversion rate with advanced search & suggestions

You might think that the Search bar at the top of your website is something people never pay attention to, but for many of your customers it’s the quickest route from landing on your website to making a purchase.

Useful Tools

Integration with PageFly: Power up your visibility to boost conversion rate with a simple drag-and-drop system!

As one of the most outstanding page builders on the Shopify platform, PageFly provides essential features with a simple drag-and-drop system, that can help you boost sales for your e-commerce business:

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