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Automate dropshipping with Ali Orders in 7 easy steps

by Fireapps

Dec 18, 2018

dropshipping with Ali Orders

Is running a dropshipping business like a piece of cake? Dropshippers have no upfront or ongoing inventory, storage, or warehouse staffing costs. The truth is, drop shipping is not that easy and simple if you personally handle all the dropshipping tasks. But don’t worry, running dropshipping with Ali Orders – The totally free dropshipping app… View Article

Is running a dropshipping business like a piece of cake? Dropshippers have no upfront or ongoing inventory, storage, or warehouse staffing costs. The truth is, drop shipping is not that easy and simple if you personally handle all the dropshipping tasks. But don’t worry, running dropshipping with Ali Orders – The totally free dropshipping app for Shopify – everything will become simpler and easier than ever. Ali Orders can free your mind from importing products, order fulfillment and products management, and save you more time to focus on selling.

In this article, we will show you the best way to run dropshipping with Ali Orders, just 7 steps to go through. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Import products from AliExpress to Ali Orders

Adding new products to your store is the first step to start selling after you created a Shopify store. As you’re dropshipping, there’s no place better than AliExpress to go and get your products information including description, images, price,… Ali Orders takes care this tedious task for you. All can be done with 1 click instead of downloading and uploading them manually.

First of all, you need to install Ali Orders (It’s free with full features and no extra cost), simply access this link and enter your Shopify store URL. Ali Orders will only work with AliExpress if only you install Ali Orders extension to Chrome. Follow this link to get it.

Now you’re able to get products from AliExpress. Let’s visit and search for a specific product or a product page you want to get. There are 2 ways to get products by Ali Orders.

  • Option 1: Import a product.  If you’re in specific product page, simply click on Ali Orders icon to get this products. If you’re at a specific product page, before importing, you can filter products with shipping options that meet your demand. Click on Ali Orders icon at the right corner below, select Display Settings tab, select shipping method with e-Packet, choose the country that products are shipped to, enable “Hide without this options” button to show products that meet your shipping options only. After that, click on the Ali Orders icon next to the product to get, then check its appearance in Ali Orders Import List.

dropshipping with Ali Orders - Import products

  • Option 2: Bulk import products from a selected product page. At the “Bulk Import” tab, select your shipping method and country that your product is shipped to, enter the product price range according to your need, click on “Import this product page” button and waiting a minute then check the result at Ali Orders dashboard Import List.

dropshipping with Ali Orders - Import products

Step 2: Make your products more attractive and standout

When all your imported products are in the Ali Orders Import List, customizing them is the next step. Don’t lose your potential customers because of tedious products with long titles, rough descriptions, or worse that they know you’re dropshipping.

To renew your products and get ready to catch your customer attention at the first sight. Go to each of the tab of the product in the Import List and customize every part of your product including name, description, variant, price, images, add category, type and tag, make sure they look perfect before publishing to your storefront.

Dropshipping with Ali Orders - customize products

Step 3: Set price for your products

Right at the variant tab in the Import List, you can set price for each of the variant in your product. Basing on the Cost value which is the original price from supplier on AliExpress, and the Shipping column, you can easily set price for your product in the Price value. The Shipping column allows your to select your suitable shipping method like e-Packet and the country that your products will be shipped to. It’s similar to when you select the shipping method at the check-out step on AliExpress. This feature helps you determine the price more accuracy. Remember to check the Profit value to make sure the price you set is relevant to your desired profit.

Dropshipping with Ali Orders - set price for products

Beside the manual method, you can save more time by using global pricing rules which allows you to set price for all your products in bulk. See how it works here.

When your products look all perfect and ready to show up on the shelf. Let’s click on “Push To Shop” button to push this product to your store, or use “Push All To Shop” button to push 20 products to shop at once.

Step 4: Update and manage your product status

The Ali Orders Product List includes all products imported from AliExpress by Ali Orders and products that synced from Shopify store after you installed Ali Orders. In the Product List, you can easily manage all your selling products as well as their stock and price. Ali Orders will automatically update these elements and notify you if there are changes from AliExpress.

You can also keep your product price up-to-date with your supplier from AliExpress by enabling “Auto Update Price” button. More for updates settings, go to Product Settings and set up some rules to deal with changes from your suppliers.

dropshipping with ali orders - manage products

However, some products which is synced from Shopify to Ali Orders Product List don’t have the AliExpress link. It will cause difficulty to update and manage your products. In this case, you should go to AliExpress, find the link and update it for your product by using “Update AliExpress Link” button.

In case the product was removed or out of stock on AliExpress, you can replace it and its variants with a link to the new supplier by clicks while keeping your current product link. Just find your new product link and use “Override” button to apply it for your current product.

Any changes from AliExpress will be caught by Ali Orders, and it will alert you via Notification button on the right top of your dashboard. More than that, you can see the change history for a long period of time in Product Status. This helps you keep following up every step in your dropshipping process.

Step 5: Order fulfillment processing

When dropshipping with Ali Orders, order fulfillment processing becomes easier than ever, even you get hundreds orders per day. All complex steps in fulfillment process will be done in just 1 click. You just need to go to Order List -> select To Order tab (All orders in this tab is waiting to be fulfilled). Here you can fulfill orders one-by-one (select Place Orders), or 1 click to fulfill all of them (select Place All Orders). Ali Orders will automatically transfer to AliExpress and fulfill all order information until it reaches the Payment step. From here is your turn, check the information again before you press the confirm button and complete your order.

Dropshipping with Ali Orders - order processing

Here is a small tip for you: Choose the shipping method as e-Packet and limit the shipping cost in the Order Setting before process orders. By this way, Ali Orders can automatically select e-Packet as the default shipping method and will warn your if the shipping cost is higher than your expectation when fulfilling orders. This can avoid bad influence to your revenue.

Dropshipping with Ali Orders - set up shipping method

Here are some small notes:

  • Ali Orders will only sync orders from Shopify with Payment status = Paid/Partially refunded/Refunded & the product is still available in Ali Orders Product List.
  • To some orders of which the products is no longer available on AliExpress, or orders are created manually on Shopify, they won’t have the AliExpress link. You’re able to process these orders if only you updated AliExpress link for them.
  • Phone number is required to fill when you fulfill order from Aliexpress. It will be some inconvenience if fulfillment interruption due to lack of customer’s phone number, and you have to fill phone number for order one by one. With Ali Orders, you can go to Order Setting, apply your or any phone number so Ali Orders can get through the fulfillment process easier.

Step 6: Update and manage order status

After fulfillment process is completed, your order will automatically update their status to Order Placed and added Ali Orders No. When items are being shipped, Ali Orders will mark this order as Shipped status, and update the tracking code. That’s how you manage all your orders through statuses in Order List when dropshipping with Ali Orders.

Step 7: Follow up your business performance

At the Dashboard page of Ali Orders, you have an overview about your business performance in an convenience and visual sales dashboard. You can check the number of orders, total revenue and cost of this month. Reference data is listed by date and performed with chart. You can completely control your waiting orders, low-stock or out-of stock products,… in an easiest way.

Dropshipping with Ali Orders - dashboard

You’ve walked through the steps to automate your dropshipping with Ali Orders. As you can see, every steps of dropshipping process can become faster, simpler and more efficient with Ali Orders. From now on, you can save more time to focus on the things that will have a greater impact on your bottom line: how to promote your online store and generate more sales. However, an article is not enough to tell you all the best things and the smart ways Ali Orders helps automate your dropshipping business. You can discover more by reading our guidelines and find your best way to automate your dropshipping business while experiencing Ali Orders.

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