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[Dropshipping] – 8 Steps to Optimize Your Product Page for More Sales

optimize the product page

Why should optimize the product page? You’re a dropshipper and doing a great job to attract people to your Shopify store, but you’re not getting enough of those visitors to add things to their carts. There must be some work to do to make everything attractive enough for your customers to buy.  The problem is… View Article

Why should optimize the product page? You’re a dropshipper and doing a great job to attract people to your Shopify store, but you’re not getting enough of those visitors to add things to their carts. There must be some work to do to make everything attractive enough for your customers to buy. 

The problem is that the product page is the first thing should be perfect, and it should be convincing more people to add your products to their carts, but they don’t seem to be — and you’re not sure why not, or how to fix it. Don’t worry, first of all, let’s optimize the product page and level it up by 8 following steps.

1. Product title: Include keyword and not too long

Make your product name more massive for your customers catch them, and know exactly what your product is about. It shouldn’t be too long and includes keywords that allow potential customers to search out your store.

optimize the product page

Bear in your mind that don’t contain all the variations of your product. If you want to note that you have several variations of this product, just write a number of variations in the title or compile all (or some part of) variations in a preview image.

2. Change the permalink of your product page

You’re saying to your customers that you’re a reseller, not the manufacturer if you keep your permalink look like the product link on AliExpress. It also looks so messy. You need to shorten your permalink to make it more simple and professional.

optimize the product page

The following one is better, right?

optimize the product page

3. Make the product description more attractive

Don’t copy the description of the product on AliExpress if you don’t want to tell your customers that you’re dropshipping. Customize description in your style to make it unique and attractive. Make sure to include keywords to enhance your website ranking.

The description should include the instruction that provide to your customer the product information and deep item description.

optimize the product page

In detail, you should introduce some more main point in your products that will make sense to your customers most. With enough necessary information, making a buying decision must be a positive and necessary experience for your client.

Do not include any images in the Product Description field – it will help to distinguish it from product descriptions on AliExpress and bring a touch of comfortable minimalism to your store. All photos of an item should be displayed in the Gallery and Variations sections and will be easy to access.

4. Have the right amount of detail for your price

Keep prices moderate and make sure all prices look good. A good price ends on 5, 7 and 9 and is briefly pronounced – it really affects the decision-making process of an online buyer. Add a discount by overcharging a Product price – more than 20-30% off is like a nice allurement to customers.

5. Have a clear call-to-action (CTA)

Your goal is to prompt your customer to make a purchase when visiting your store, that’s why the call-to-action is a very important component on your product page. The CTA button should stand out from the surrounding content so that customer can see it easily. The area around the button should be uncluttered so that there are no distractions or obstacles that block the user. It should also be immediately visible when you first land on the page.

optimize the product page

You can see that the CTA button takes a beautiful center stage position, sits above the fold, and there’s nothing in this section of the page that’s drawing your attention away from the reason you’re there. (Which is buying).

6. Have a right variant

Naming your product variants (colors, scents, etc.) can be a great way to add some personality to your products. No matter how much products you have to download, you should always check variations section for each product after downloading it from AliExpress. And don’t forget to link your right images to the right product variants to help increase your conversions on your product pages

7. Transparent shipping information

An online store with transparent information are perceived as being trustworthy and honest, which in turn encourages customers to purchase. Focusing on transparent shipping is a great place to start. You can easily display all delivery details of products in a beautiful layout by using Shipping Information app, your shipping info will be promptly showcased to your customer in an easy and beautiful way.

optimize the product page

Besides, free shipping is a great way to encourage customers to spend more. Products with free shipping are easier to promote. Getting something for free always feels rewarding and inspirational, so, give your customers the opportunity to get such a feeling.

8. Showcase star rating and reviews

Star rating is the very first thing a customer looks at before making a final decision to buy your product. Therefore you should show the high star rating, at least 4.5  right under your product name.

optimize the product page

And review section is strictly a must-have element in your product page. Online reviews and high star rating help give a voice of your happy customer to persuade new buyers for big purchases, also help gain trust and build brand credibility.

optimize the product page

However, to gain authentic customer reviews seems to be a very difficult thing for most of dropshippers. Luckily, there’s a very simple and easy way to earn real customer reviews for your store: Take them directly from AliExpress. It sounds impossible, but not, by using Ali Reviews app, you can get as many 4 -5 star reviews from AliExpress as you want in just 1 mouse click. By that way, you can get positive reviews and high star rating on each product page easily, and also show star rating under your product link in the Google search result that will attract more and more customers to click and visit your store. The more reviews, the higher conversions.

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Making a great product page is tough, but when you thoroughly check the whole thing to optimize the product page, and make it better day by day, you’ll see how significant it promote your dropshipping business. It’s time for a redesign and boosting your sales.

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