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Integration with Searchanise: Boost your conversion rate with advanced search & suggestions

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You might think that the Search bar at the top of your website is something people never pay attention to, but for many of your customers it’s the quickest route from landing on your website to making a purchase.

The customers using this feature are the ones who often know what they want to buy. They have come to your site to see if you have it, and will often be ready to buy it there and then. So, don’t ignore the importance of that little Search bar that would definitely boost your sales if you set it up the right way.

Let us introduce you to an all-in-one advanced search & suggestions solution, that will help you to turn visitors into paying customers.

About Searchanise

Searchanise has developed an advanced Search & Selling tool that turns your visitors into paying customers. When customers type anything into a search bar in your store, an instant and responsive banner will show suggested products, collections, and content pages as they type.

Searchanise supports different languages and works great on every device. Powerful analytics features empower you to analyze data and optimize the results. Definitely, Searchanise is an all-in-one solution designed to ensure maximum conversion through search.

Searchanise includes:

  • Search results of high relevance
  • Customizable user-friendly widgets
  • Smart filters for search results and collections
  • Promo tools as merchandising, labels, personalization and recommendations
  • Profound analytics to be sure it works

Integrate with Ali Reviews

Searchanise is now an official partner with Ali Reviews, we share the same motivation to help your e-Commerce business grow better by showing rating stars in the search results. And of course this feature will navigate your customers to experience the best on your store with social proof!

Your immediate Benefits:

  • Make sure your customers can easily find the products they are looking for with the smart search bar.
  • Convert more visitors into paying customers by tapping into the power of social proof in search results
  • Showcase star ratings in search results

If you’re looking for a smart search app to upgrade the navigation on your store, let’s try exploring Searchanise out now!

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