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Integration with PageFly: Power up your visibility to boost conversion rate with a simple drag-and-drop system!

Show social proof on your store with photo reviews boost sales

As one of the most outstanding page builders on the Shopify platform, PageFly provides essential features with a simple drag-and-drop system, that can help you boost sales for your e-commerce business:

Building up an online store that is eye-catching and helps increase conversion rate is probably one of the most terrifying thoughts especially when you might not be techy. Anyone would want their pages to look advanced, but many premium themes are extremely hard to customize for anyone who does not know code (HTML / CSS).

That’s why PageFly comes into the game with a mission to support store owners build their entire store even easier. 

About PageFly

Build Shopify pages from scratch without any coding

Most of the Shopify themes with exclusive page designs are not available for free, but we all know that using free themes are boring. 

You can buy a custom theme from a third-party source like Themeforest, however, it can turn out as a nightmare for those who are not good with code. And messing with the coding could also seriously negatively impact the functionality of your store.

Now you don’t need to worry about which theme would be effective for your store, with PageFly you can customize every aspect of your store, from replacing original Shopify’s pages to creating your own special pages, without having to interfere with any code! 

Drag and drop the smallest elements

PageFly provides 30+ page elements and editing tools to create eye-catching heading, flexible form and strong CTA. The design is 100% responsive by default and is customizable on various devices.

Easy Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel Tracking 

No doubt that quality content is the key for any online stores, understand that PageFly also offers a direct in-page SEO editing tool by integrating with Google Ads and Google Analytics. Through some drag and drop gestures, you can optimize your pages to help it appear better in the search engines results. 

Otherwise, you can save what you have designed to export and import into another store, all fast but sure not to make you furious!

Custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript Code In Need

PageFly is developed with the purpose of empowering merchants to create pages without coding. However, there are also powerful Custom HTML, Custom CSS and JavaScript elements that allow your web developer to make essential adjustments whenever needed.

Why PageFly?

As one of the most outstanding page builders on the Shopify platform, PageFly provides essential features with a simple drag-and-drop system, that can help you boost sales for your e-commerce business:

  • 50+ high-converting templates for the positive branding
  • Create Landing, Home, Blog post and Coming soon pages.
  • Product and Collection page add-ons.
  • Mobile-friendly by default, mobile-customization by choice.
  • Build quality pages freely with direct SEO tools and customizable effects.

Integration with Ali Reviews

What’s even more exciting that PageFly is now collaborating with review apps like Ali Reviews to provide your stores with social proof to build trust and of course will help you ramp up your sales. With this feature, you can customize the product reviews without worrying it would destroy your self-designed theme. 

Ali Reviews elements on PageFly system.

If you’re a total newbie in dropshipping and have no sales yet on Shopify, this integration will benefit you even more. Try decorating your store with PageFly to increase your visibility and using Ali Reviews to import some product reviews to boost your credibility, we will help to turn your visitors to consumers quickly and you may have your first sales in no time!

Want to make your pages more beautiful and convert more sales? PageFly is here to grow with you, starting with a free package and even greater features are awaiting, come and try it out via the link below to get 30-day FREE trial!

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