15 Best Shopify Discount Apps in 2024

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15 Best Shopify Discount Apps in 2024

In today’s e-commerce world, it’s super important for online stores to stand out because there are so many customer options. One great way to get customers’ attention is by offering cool discounts and deals. Shopify is one of the biggest platforms on which businesses prefer to run their online stores. It has lots of apps that make giving these discounts easy and fast with a lot of customizable options. 

As we go through 2024, these apps are getting better and more helpful, making it easier for store owners to have more sales by offering discounts based on purchases. 

In this blog, we will be checking the top 15 Shopify discount apps in 2024. These apps are great for making shopping fun for people and can help stores sell more. Whether you’re new to online selling or a seasoned seller, having a good knowledge of these apps can enhance your performance.

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Let’s get started. 

15 best Shopify discount apps in 2024

1. Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B

On the top of our list is the Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B app. It is one of the most powerful apps that allows Shopify store owners to create personalized pricing and discounts for different customer accounts.

Key features – 

  • Ability to offer special prices and volume discounts to customers based on tags or login status
  • Discounts based on purchase quantities and tiers
  • Easily import and export product variations for quick edits
  • Create a form specifically for wholesale sign-ups
  • Enable customers to pay on net payment terms, like 30, 60, or 90 days
  • Easy integration with wholesale apps that enable customers to lock or hide products on Shopify, placing bulk orders, etc.

Reviews – 476
Rating – 4.8 ⭐
Pricing – Starts from $19.99/month (21 days free trial available)

2. Discount Ninja: 10+ promotions

Discount Ninja is a strong Shopify promotion app that allows the setup of over ten types of promotions. It simplifies offering tailored discounts to various customer groups and helps in boosting sales and customer loyalty.

Key features –

  • Customers can use multiple offers together, like buy-one-get-one-free, free gifts, and discounts based on purchase volumes.
  • Create promotions –  Start and end them automatically at specific times.
  • Manage the collections and products that you want to keep in sales. 
  • For special customers, create VIP discounts and share them links

Reviews – 222
Rating – 4.4 ⭐
Pricing – Free plan available 

3. Automatic Discounts and Upsells

Automatic Discounts and Upsells in a Shopify app that allows you to create tiered discounts, BOGO, free gifts, and member specials. It also allows store owners to offer cross-sells and upsells when the customer is in the cart.

Key Features

  • Automatically apply discounts based on specific rules and conditions.
  • Create and offer bulk discounts to encourage more sales in your store. 
  • Customize all your promotions to match your store’s look.
  • Use pre-designed templates for promotions quickly and integrate them with just one click
  • Display discounts and upsells before checkout, so customers can see the savings before they purchase.

Reviews – 264
Rating – 4.3 ⭐
Pricing – Free to install (2.9% success fee)

4. Discounty: Bulk discount sales

Discounty makes it easy for Shopify stores to have more sales with discounts for buying bulk quantities at once. It helps in setting up special prices for buying more, making customers happy and boosting sales.

Key Features

  • Offer discounts for bulk buying, with quantity breaks and volume discounts.
  • Schedule campaigns to start and stop automatically at times that you can set. 
  • Filter the products by collections, and tags and then display the discounted prices.
  • Set percentage or fixed discounts, or adjust prices for specific products.
  • Automatically update products when collections, tags, etc. change.

Reviews – 142
Rating – 4.9 ⭐
Pricing – Free plan available

5. Wholesale Gorilla

Wholesale Gorilla is a Shopify wholesale app that helps store owners sell more by letting them set special wholesale prices for special customers. It’s an app that is super easy to use and allows stores to run wholesale discounts on their stores.

Key Features

  • Provide personalized pricing, discounts, and control your store’s inventory.
  • Automate your wholesale ordering processes.
  • Offer net payment terms and set personalized shipping rules for your customers.

Reviews – 242
Rating – 4.6 ⭐
Pricing – Free plan available

6. Amai Bulk Discount & Sales

Amai Bulk Discount and Sales allows Shopify store owners to create, schedule, and apply discounts in bulk to hundreds of products in just a few clicks. Store owners can craft unlimited advanced discount rules in their stores and can also schedule them for specific days and times.

Key Features – 

  • Bulk Discount Code Generator.
  • Fully customizable and easy to setup Flash Sales.
  • Display product quantity and include a countdown timer in your Shopify store.
  • Custom badges on products and during checkout.

Reviews – 248
Rating – 4.1 ⭐
Pricing – Starts from $19.95/month (14 days free trial available)

7. Unlimited Bundles and Discounts

Unlimited Bundles and Discounts is a Shopify discount app enabling Shopify store owners to bundle products and create custom discounts. From basic theme integrations to API connect, the app offers a platform for both beginners and advanced-level Shopify stores. 

Key Features –

  • Easy Setup and automation for beginners and advanced features and integrations for experts.
  • No coding is needed for installation.
  • Automatic application of Bundle Discounts at checkout.
  • Bundle a single product with volume discounts or multiple products.

Reviews – 2,099
Rating – 4.8 ⭐
Pricing – Free Plan Available

8. Kite: Discount and Free Gift

Kite enables Shopify stores to increase their sales by offering discounts and free gifts. The app is created to increase user engagement and sales by features like manual and free gifts added to cards automatically.

Key Features

  • Add free gifts to customer carts automatically or manually based on rules such as cart value
  • Offer volume discounts with quantity breaks feature
  • Create discount tiers based on cart spending
  • Create buy-one-get-one-free offers in the cart
  • Customize user interface to match your store’s theme

Reviews – 137
Rating – 5.0 ⭐
Pricing – Free Plan Available

9. Volume Discounts – Dealeasy

Volume Discounts by Dealeasy is another Shopify discount app that can help stores create volume discounts, quantity breaks, and tiered pricing. The app offers stores the ability to offer up to 5 automatic and 200 discount codes for their customers.  

Key Features – 

  • Utilize the native discounts feature to implement volume-based discounts.
  • Show tiered pricing and quantity breaks directly on the product page.
  • Set up to 5 automatic discount tiers for automatic pricing adjustments.

Reviews – 120
Rating – 4.9 ⭐
Pricing – Free to install for up to 50 orders/month across all channels

10. Shopacado Volume Discounts 

Shopify Volume Discounts app helps stores create quantity-based discounts and spend discounts for multiple products and collections. The app helps Shopify store owners to keep customers engaged and show the value that they get when they buy in bulk from the store.

Key Features

  • In-cart upsell messages to encourage more purchases.
  • Personalize the appearance of pricing offers to match your store’s theme.
  • Offer various discount types, including coupons and limited-time offers.
  • Manage discounts through campaigns and targeted strategies.

Reviews – 2,984
Rating – 4.9 ⭐
Pricing –  Starts from $7.99/month (7 days free trial available)

11. Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks

Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks helps Shopify merchants to increase their sales by enabling them to create bundles and offer discounts on those bundled purchases. This app also allows stores to reward customers for buying in multiples.

Key Features

  • Choose particular products or collections to apply volume discounts.
  • Set discounts as a percentage, specific price reduction, or fixed price.
  • Customize colors and styles match your store’s theme.
  • Access analytics on the app’s dashboard to track additional revenue generated from the offers.

Reviews – 654
Rating – 4.9 ⭐
Pricing –  Starts from $14.99/month (14 days free trial available)

12. All-in-One Discount on Cart

All-in-One Discount On Cart allows Shopify store owners to apply various discounts directly in the shopping cart, streamlining the checkout process. This helps store owners with increasing the conversion rate and AOV. 

Key Features

  • Allow customers to apply discount codes at the cart stage.
  • Manage which coupon codes can be used together in the cart.
  • Enable customers to combine multiple discounts automatically.
  • Offer free shipping together with cart coupons.
  • Show available codes to customers across the entire site.

Reviews – 249
Rating – 5.0 ⭐
Pricing –  Free Trial Dev Plan Available

13. Bundle Bear – Volume Discount

Bundle Bear is a Shopify app by Conversion Bear that provides Shopify stores with the ability to offer volume discounts, encouraging customers to buy more through attractive bulk deals. It simplifies the process of setting up tiered pricing and increases the average order size for Shopify stores. 

Key Features

  • Create product bundles, and offer volume discounts on them.
  • Set discounts for specific products, collections, or even your entire store.
  • Automatically apply discounts based on custom settings.
  • Combine multiple discounts and offers in your store.

Reviews – 392
Rating – 4.9 ⭐
Pricing –  Starts from $24.99/month (14 days free trial available)

14. Bold Discounts – Flash Sales

Bold Discounts enables Shopify stores to quickly set up and schedule storewide flash sales and promotions. The app also enables Shopify store owners to create live countdown timers, as well as everyday deals. 

Key Features

  • Create and apply discounts to products, collections, or your entire store.
  • Incorporate real-time countdowns on your store for inducing urgency.
  • Run an unlimited number of promotions seamlessly.
  • Schedule promotions with advanced start/stop options. 

Reviews – 1,216
Rating – 4.5 ⭐
Pricing –  Free Plan Available

15. Dcart – Discount in Cart

Dcart – Discount in Cart is a Shopify discount app by Syncube that allows Shopify stores to increase conversion rates and decrease abandoned cart by showing discounts in the cart with an a simple coupon code system.

Key features

  • Allows stores to combine discounts for added savings.
  • Supports multilingual and multi-currency stores.
  • Allows to create and share discount links to customers.
  • Works seamlessly with both the cart page and the cart drawer.

Reviews – 140
Rating – 4.8 ⭐
Pricing –  Starts from $5.99/month (7 days free trial available)


Integrating the right discount app in your Shopify store can make a big difference to how users interact with your store. By understanding what exactly each app offers, you can select the app that will suit your store’s needs. 

Remember, the goal is to make shopping on your site not just a transaction but an experience that your customers will love and return for. With a Shopify discount app, you can create enticing offers that will encourage customers to buy more. Take the time to explore these options and see how they can integrate with your store’s strategy and goals for 2024 and beyond.

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