About Us


FireApps is a technology company that focuses on software and app for e-commerce activities, especially in the dropshipping market.

From the beginning of 2016, FireApps has developed large hi-tech projects with extended scales. The company has assisted over 100,000 customers to optimize costs and strengthen their business foundations.

FireApp now is looking forward to being one of the leading innovation high technology companies in the world.








Our Products

Ali Reviews

Ali Reviews is the first product of FireApps. It is created to support store owners to build their credentials and therefore, can indirectly improve overall performances.

Ali Reviews, as its name, has focused on the testimonial contents a.k.a. reviews. Based on this spine, Ali Reviews offers users three main functions: Get Reviews, Send Request Review Emails, and Review Pops.

Since the date of release, Ali Reviews has been trusted by thousands of users. In 2020, its users community reached more than 40,000 active users.

Ali Orders

Ali Orders was released in 2008. It is the automate fulfillment and dropshipping solution. The main role of Ali Orders is to automate the whole flow of the dropshipping process from adding products to fulfilling orders.

Ali Orders is expected to simplify the store owner actions over the process, minimize human error, and optimize customer experiences. According to statistic, Ali Orders help store owners to save cost and time up to 3 times.

Since releasing, Ali Orders has got over 13,000 active users.

Ali Hunter

Ali Hunter is a unique app. Its strongest ability is searching and it is searching for valued information.

Ali Hunter can help store owners to define what the hot products and how the whole market reacts to them. The valued information that Ali Hunter can offer is very extremely important for any store owner.

Sales Box

Lacking of product information is always the biggest problem that anticipate customer make a purchase decision.

Sales Box is the app for store owners to provide appropriate product information like shipping fee, price, color options, etc.