About Us

Every idea starts with a problem. Our idea is to help e-commerce entrepreneurs grow their business and maximize profits. Founded in 2016, FireApps gradually but steadily became a powerful service provider on Shopify. With only a handful of members at the beginning, now weโ€™ve grown to 130+ enthusiastic members from specialized departments, always striving to launch well-innovated products.

Ali Reviews is our first product release and soon recognized by Shopify merchants. We continue to release other applications which also receive positive feedback. The best part is, all of our products are backed by a first-class and dedicated support team.

FireApps team is proactive, flexible, agile, and committed to your success. Our permanent goal is to provide multi-platform software that is intuitive, full-featured, effortless to use while running smoothly for every business.

Milestones and Achievements

  • 2021

    Transcy ranks #2 Translation app and #3 Currency app on Shopify

    Transcy gets in Shopify Staff Pick Japan, SEA countries and the most honorable category Shopify Global Staff Pick

    Ali Reviews gets in Shopify Staff Pick France and India

  • 2020

    Messent gets in Shopify Staff Pick India and the most honorable category Shopify Global Staff Pick

    Ali Reviews gets in Shopify Staff Pick China

    Release Transcy and Messent

  • 2019

    Ali Reviews ranks 2nd in Shopify review app category

    Ali Orders gets in Top 4 best dropshipping apps

    Release Ali Hunter on Shopify App Store

  • 2018

    Ali Reviews community reaches 10,000 users

    FireApps is shortlisted as one of Top 30 leading developers

    Release Ali Orders

    Release Ali Hunter Chrome extension

  • 2017

    Release the first app: Ali Reviews

    Release Sales Box

  • 2016

    Start developing apps for Shopify platform

Today, over 77,800 customers worldwide trust our applications to run their business. And itโ€™s just the beginning. We are looking to expand to global markets and localize our products to meet evolving customer needs. We're on a mission to provide businesses with everything they need to win in a customer-centric world.