Google Shopping Apps for Shopify that Works for any Business

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Google Shopping Apps for Shopify that Works for any Business

Online merchants have to take all the advantages available to have a successful eCommerce business, especially Shopify. Fortunately, they can always use Google Shopping apps for Shopify to do just that.

Here are 6 Shopify apps that help you quickly create product feeds on Google Shopping and drive more traffic.

Facebook, Google Shopping Feed 

Rating: 4.6/5

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Price: Free to install. Upgrading plan from $9.90/month.

Facebook, Google Shopping Feed, or Socialshop from Socialhead, is one among the Google Shopping apps for Shopify business. This app is easy and simple for all merchants to sync and optimize their feeds on Google Shopping in 1 click

  • You can get all product feed solutions in just one app with the help of Socialshop. By syncing all of the product feeds from your Shopify store to Google Shopping within minutes, you can save lots of time, money, and effort.
google shopping apps
  • Additionally, you can also bulk assign product categories. This premium feature lets you categorize items to meet Google Product Categories. This will also help your customers have a better experience in shopping and finding the products they want. 
google shopping app shopify
  • Online merchants can filter specific products and customize their shopping feeds for higher conversion. Customizing texts and optimizing data fields can get more customer engagement for a better Shopify business.
shopify google shopping feed
  • If you’re selling online to multiple countries, you can create multi-language feeds to reach worldwide customers. Therefore, you can just integrate a translating app, Transcy, into the app. It is one of the finest translating apps for the job. 
google shopping shopify app
  • And finally, customer service is what makes this Socialshop app special. Socialhead’s CS team is always ready to help with any problem that merchants may encounter. 

Highlighted features:

  • All product feeds management in just one app.
  • Products and SKU synchronization.
  • Product filter by rules.
  • Feed image optimization.
  • Multi-language feed optimization.
  • Frequent feeds update by schedule.
  • Great and supportive customer service.

Google Shopping Feed XML/CSV 

Rating: 5/5

Price: $7/month.

Google Shopping Feed XML/CSV is one of the great Shopify apps for Google Shopping for online merchants. This app makes fully pledged product feeds for not only Google Shopping but also other platforms.

Despite lacking some features, Google Shopping Feed XML/CSV by AdWords Robot undoubtedly gets the job done. 

  • You can keep your Google Shopping feeds updated DAILY to bring the latest data from your Shopify store when using this app.
  • Moreover, you can generate Google Shopping feeds for every currency and country. This will help boost even more sales for your Shopify store. 
google shopping feed shopify
  • You can always get support from the CS team who is knowledgeable in Google Merchant and Google Shopping. 

Highlighted features:

  • All your Shopify products synchronization to Google Shopping.
  • Daily Google Shopping feeds update.
  • Great and experienced CS support team.

Suite For Google Shopping Feed 

Rating: 4.9/5

Price: Free to install. Upgrading plan from $14/month.

Suite For Google Shopping Feed is another great Shopify app, allowing you to showcase your products from Shopify to Google Search, Google Shopping, and more.

  • Profiling is based on various filters and lets you group your products. This helps the process of listing products to Google Shopping much easier and quicker.
shopify google merchant data feed
  • Goal Set-up and Tracking: It allows you to track not only your store’s conversion but also the performance of your business by setting up goals. 
  • You can also easily create ads with the Smart Shopping Campaign feature. What you have to do is just set the budget up and your ads’ location. And, you can leave Google to do the rest of the work for you.

Highlighted features:

  • Product listings for Google Shopping.
  • Multi-platforms sales boost.
  • Store’s performance tracking with goals and reports.

App for Google Shopping Feed 

Rating: 4.9/5

Price: Free to install. Upgrading plan from $19/month.

Like the others, App for Google Shopping Feed is one great Shopify apps to create product feeds on Google Shopping. Moreover, it also brings more features than syncing your products from Shopify to Google Shopping.

  • AdNabu provides Shopify merchants with a tool called Audit score to optimize your Google Shopping feed. Based on many attributes available in Google Merchant Center, this score will help you make better feeds. As a result, you should make your feeds follow the best practices in Google Shopping.
shopify google merchant center
  • You can decide products that are a part of a collection or product type by sorting out collections and product types by using Blacklist
  • If you are selling in different countries, this Shopify app supports multi-currency. App for Google Shopping Feed by AdNabu, Inc will update Google Shopping feeds with local currencies.

Highlights features:

  •  Easy and quickly created Google Shopping feeds.
  • Optimizing Google Shopping listings with score assessments. 
  • Different languages and currencies for each feed.

Facebook, Google Shopping Feed 

Rating: 4.7/5

Price: Free to install. Upgrading plan from $11.99/month.

Facebook, Google Shopping Feed by ShoppingFeeder is among the apps to create Google Shopping feeds for your Shopify products.

  • Merchants can promote their best products with “Google Ads Labels” for their top sellers, clearance products, and more. 
google shopping alternative
  • Furthermore, you can also list all of your products’ variants to other channels. ShoppingFeeder enables you to create shopping feeds on other channels aside from Google Shopping, including Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, PriceCheck, and more. You can drive more traffic and sales with this feature.
  • Additionally, you are able to make provisions for VAT and other custom pricing as well. 

Highlighted features:

  • Create product listings on multiple platforms.
  • Product promotions with ads labels.
  • Make VAT provisions.
  • Great customer service team.

#1 Facebook Feed & Google Feed 

Rating: 4.8/5

Price: Free to install. Upgrading plan from $19.99/month.

Another recommendation for Google Shopping apps for Shopify is #1 Facebook Feed & Google Feed by Fast Simon, Inc. Shopify merchants can use it to add or modify product attributes without changing them on their store. 

  • The app helps to update your feeds in real-time for out-of-stock products besides creating product feeds on multiple platforms. This will help you save money from advertising those unavailable products.
shopify google shopping feed
  • You can also get your Google Shopping feeds updated in real-time. This, in turn, will help bring any pricing change to your products.
  • Finally, you can optimize the product feeds for Google Shopping by using Google Ads performance stats.

Highlighted features:

  • Shopify products synchronization to multiple platforms.
  • Frequent product listings update. 
  • Automatic product feeds optimization.

Final thoughts

You can have more chances of running a successful business with these Google Shopping feed apps for Shopify. You can easily create listings on Google Shopping within minutes and boost sales for your Shopify store. 

If you are new to Shopify, you should get your products to Google Shopping free listings. This can help your business by driving more traffic and sales to your online store.

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