How to hide products and collections in Shopify?

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How to hide products and collections in Shopify?

Shopify is a great platform for businesses that sell their products or services online. With Shopify, businesses are getting the chance to make their products accessible to millions of people worldwide. With the increased amount of products online, these stores need to be able to control which products and collections specific customers can see and access.

Being able to hide products and collections in Shopify lets store owners keep their shops customized as per their customer needs and also gives them the flexibility to manage their business operations easily.

This is key for ensuring they can quickly adjust to new sales plans or changes in how many items they have in stock, and control who sees what on their online store.

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When should you be hiding products and collections in Shopify?

Hiding products and collections on Shopify can be beneficial in several scenarios:

  • Catering to specific customer categories: You may want to hide products or collections that are not relevant or suitable for certain customer groups. For example, you could hide adult-oriented products from a general audience or hide wholesale collections from regular retail customers.

  • Seasonal or temporary offerings: If you have products or collections that are only available during specific seasons or for a limited time OR  you’re offering special Shopify wholesale pricing and discounts, you might want to hide them to avoid customer confusion. For example, there might be products that you sell during the Christmas season, so hiding them could be a nice idea than deleting them as you would want those products back during Christmas in the following year.

  • Bringing exclusivity to your store:  At times you might want to have products or collections in your store that are accessible, say only to your special customers. In that case, you should be password-protecting your products or collections so that only customers with the passkey can access those products or collections.

  • Preventing competitors from viewing your product price: If you want to restrict competitors from spying on your wholesale prices and discounts, you might introduce login-to-view-price, so that only customers who are logged in can view the products and their prices.

  • Flash Sales or Limited-time-offers: You might also want to temporarily hide products and collections on your Shopify store when you are running flash sales or one-time offers. 

Steps to hide products and collections in Shopify with Wholesale Lock Manager

Wholesale Lock Manager B2B is a Shopify application that allows users to quickly control who sees what on their Shopify store. With Wholesale Lock Manager, Shopify store owners can hide products, prices, collections, pages, add-to-cart button, the entire storefront,  and even password-protect their store.

Let’s quickly see the steps to hide products and collections in Shopify using the Wholesale Lock Manager B2B App.

1. Install Wholesale Lock Manager on your Shopify store

2. Select the content that you want to lock – i.e Products, collections, pages, URLs, or the entire store

3. Select the customers that you want to hide the content from (You can use customer tags or other aspects for this as shown in the below image)

4. You can also create a passcode and only allow visitors who have the passcode to access your Shopify content 

5. You can also hide specific products in just a few clicks from your Shopify store

And you’re all set. Using a 3rd party app like Wholesale Lock Manager, you can quickly and easily control the access of your Shopify store’s content.

In case, you’re not interested in having full control over your Shopify’s store visibility using a third-party app, you can always use the default features in the Shopify dashboard that provides basic store visibility management options. Let’s now look at these below.

Steps to hide products and collections in Shopify without a 3rd party app

1. Hiding products

  1. Sign in to your Shopify store as admin to make the changes.

  2. Navigate to the product section from the left. 
  1. Select the product that you want to hide and then click on the three dots on the right as shown in the below image.
  1. Click on exclude from sales channel in the drop-down.

  2. Check the online store option.

  1. Now, click on the Exclude products button.

All done. Your selected products will not be displayed in your store. 

2. Hiding collections

  1. Head to the collections tab on your store under products 
  1. Select the collections that you want to hide and then click on Exclude from sales channel

This way you can hide your collections from your Shopify store. 


Shopify is a powerful app that hundreds of thousands of businesses use to sell their products and services online. These store owners might want to control the access to their store, products, collections, product prices, and more to offer their customers a great experience and run their store smoothly. 

Though Shopify allows store owners to hide their products and collections, if you want advanced and easy customizations, apps like Wholesale Lock Manager B2B become super helpful. With the app, you can hide products, prices, collections, pages, URLs, and even entire storefronts. You can also control who sees what – i.e. certain customers can access certain products while others can’t using customer tags. Furthermore, enabling password protection on your store using the app can help you bring exclusivity to your store.

Happy selling! 

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