10 Helpful tools to save time and build a smart plan

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10 Helpful tools to save time and build a smart plan

Running a business is not easy as pie, you have many things to care about. Spending more time for working will result in spending less time for your life. Don’t be busy. Be productive in a smart way. With the right tools, you can get more out of your marketing campaigns while actually cutting down time working on them.
In this post, we’ve put together a collection of highly effective tools that will give you total control over your campaigns and help you find new opportunities to drive sales and engage with your customers.

1. Buffer


Social media scheduling made easy.

As an entrepreneur, you’re busy enough as it is. The odds are that you don’t have time to spend every minute of your day posting to social media and keeping an eye on your profiles. Thankfully, with Buffer, you can schedule out your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts in advance and focus on managing your time more effectively.
Not only does Buffer help save time by letting you take care of posts ahead of time, but it also comes with a handy browser extension that lets you easily share content with a single click.

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2. Zapier


All of your apps working together.

Zapier is a powerful automation platform that links all of your favorite apps together. With that tool, you can create complex workflows that take care of the everyday tasks that secretly eat up your time. Since it’s integrated with over 500 different apps, including most major social media networks, you’ll also be able to automate your post scheduling and engagement.

3. Buyable Pins

Start selling on Pinterest.

Buyable Pins make it possible for customers to buy your products without ever having to leave Pinterest.
Buyable Pins look similar to normal Pins and show up in search results on Pinterest. However, they also feature pricing information, product variants, and a blue “Buy It” button that lets customers purchase your products from inside the Pinterest app.
If you run a Shopify store, you’ll need to add the Pinterest sales channel to your store and wait for approval from Pinterest. Once your store has been approved, every Pin that links to a product page on your store will automatically be transformed into a Buyable Pin.

4. Ali Reviews

One click to import tons of authentic reviews 

Ratings and reviews are the most important factor affecting purchase decisions of customers, increasing conversion rates, and reducing website abandonment. There are thousands of authentic reviews from AliExpress, it will take your whole working time to import every single review to your store. Ali ReviewsTop Review Solution Package for E-commerce will be your best supporter to boost sales.

5. Messenger for Shopify

Keep your customers updated.

Now, you can send shipping updates, order confirmations, and more directly to your customers through Messenger.
Once you’ve added the Messenger channel to your Shopify store, your customers will have the option to start receiving updates through their Messenger accounts, rather than email. It not only helps your customers receive shipping information more conveniently but also opens up a new way for you to interact with your audience. Whether your customers have a question or want to make another order, they’ll now have an open line of communication that puts them in direct contact with you and your store.

6. Schedsocial


Take photos now, share them on Instagram later.

With Schedsocial, you can schedule your Instagram photos in advance and stop worrying about whether or not you have your daily post ready. Schedsocial also lets you upload and edit your photos through your web browser, giving you the chance to find the perfect caption, hashtag, and filter to get your photo the attention it deserves. As an added bonus, this tool lets you schedule content for multiple Instagram accounts and allows for multiple users to collaborate using the same Schedsocial account.

7. Buzzsumo


A behind-the-scenes look at your content.

Buzzsumo is a powerful platform for uncovering the data behind your content’s performance on social media. From where your content is being shared to which influencers are sharing it, you’ll have access to in-depth analyses and comparisons.
Not only does Buzzsumo give you a real-time, behind-the-scenes look at your content’s performance, but it also lets you spy on your competitors’ content marketing strategies and see what’s working for them. Get some inspiration and look for new ways to edge out the competition by deconstructing how they format their content and where it’s getting seen.
Buzzsumo also has an intuitive browser extension tool that lets you check social media analytics for any page you’re visiting.

8. Discoverly

Find mutual friends everywhere.

Discoverly is a nifty Chrome extension that analyzes social media profiles to let you know which connections you and another person have in common on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
Once you’ve tracked a reliable mutual friend down, simply reach out and ask for an intro to the influencer, blogger, or journalist that you’re trying to connect with.

9. Facebook Store

Open up shop on Facebook.

With a Facebook store, you can start selling your products right on Facebook.
Add the Facebook channel to your Shopify store and a fully integrated, always visible Shop section will appear on your business’ Facebook page. Facebook store is the perfect tool for easy setup and stock with products and all of your product details and pricing information will automatically sync up with your Shopify store whenever you make an update.

10. Canva

Great graphics in no time.

Canva is a simple and straightforward app for creating gorgeous social media-ready graphics along with infographics, reports, and much more. Canva offers up a set of templates that come pre-sized for every social media platform and include a wide range of premade layouts and backgrounds. It also features a simple drag-and-drop interface that lets you quickly build, edit, and tweak your images until they’re exactly as you envisioned.
Now that you have a solid stack of tools at your disposal. It’s time to start finding new opportunities for growth and automating your current campaigns like a pro.
What are your favorite tools? Let us know in the comments below!
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