What's worth waiting for in Messent?

In the first released version, Messent called it the wizard for anyone who want to send SMS messages more effectively. Let’s discover what makes the Messent the magician, actually?

1. Smart Messages toolset and Standard campaign

The full toolset of SMS message has been deploy in this app. By this, you can not only create a simple message but you can insert the discount code, shorten the link and have the quick message strength review right before sending it.

Standard campaign interface, with full left-panel for segment control.

The Standard campaign allows you to send SMSs based on the customers’ attribute. That function also gives you ability to set the quiet time and message break in order not to spam your sendees.

2. Automate campaign

All-new automate campaign can automatically activate by customer actions. No matter who is he, he will receive the message from the message because of providing his phone number and getting actions that meet the filter you had set before.

Overview of the typical Automate campaign in Messent, which contains conditiions and actions.

3. Campaign management

Last but not least, your campaign need to be reviewed and re-adjusted as well. Messent will give you a complete report about what your campaign has done.

There are many pieces of information in this panel and of course, the number you see here is totally zero because there was no campaign is actually running.

Therefore, you can sort out the information in the eye blinks.

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