Top 10 best dropshipping products for Shopify in 2022

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Top 10 best dropshipping products for Shopify in 2022

Dropshipping has become a common business model in recent years. For dropshipping products, dropshippers don’t need to keep inventory and invest much in the initial.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to sweep many nations, many dropshippers are freaking out of trade collapse. However, some others are overwhelmed by demand.

In this article, Ali Reviews lists a list of the best dropshipping products for your e-commerce business in 2022, includes products that are ideal for everyone during the social-distancing period.

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How to choose dropshipping products?

Before browsing our list of trending dropshipping products, we need to determine which types of products are the best selling when doing dropshipping.

Dropshipping is concerned with promoting products, how you reach out to customers, and how you inspire sales. Everyone is not the same; each customer has a unique personality and behavior. As a result, targeting the right audience is critical to the success of your business.

Here are three factors that you can use to get more visitors and buyers: 

1. Hobbyist product:

People are willing to spend large amounts to buy products that match their hobbies. Many people spend an entire month’s salary on a bag they love, and mountain bikers have bikes that cost more than their car. If you can sell products that suit the hobbies of a potential group, you can make a great return when you successfully connect with their passion.

2. High-quality but affordable

The customer cares about the cost and they require high-quality products. That is to say, the process of selecting products and finding reputable suppliers when doing dropshipping is crucial. Once you have won the trust of your customers, you can create long-lasting profitable relationships.

3. The right product at the right time

If you are a judicious retailer, you will know when you should deliver the right products. For instance, your target customers are Canadians. At the time of the epidemic, they are taking social distance seriously. That’s why the demand to buy products for health or kitchen and grocery in Canada spike. Therefore, you necessitate following the news or trend information to update relevant dropshipping products immediately.

10 Best dropshipping product to sell in 2022

After some research, we have collected a list of the 10 most profitable dropshipping products for the Shopify store in 2022. The following products may be in the niches, maybe in the trend, but you should balance these two factors. Plan a specific strategy to keep your store profitable while doing dropshipping business:

Health and personal care

Kids’ face masks

dropshipping products
kid mask best dropshipping products for Shopify in 2022

By the time of back-to-school, children must wear masks to protect themselves and others from spreading Covid-19. However, children are hard-to-please customers because they will object to everything they don’t like. Therefore, parents are regularly searching for masks that match children’s interests.

best dropshipping products
kid mask dropshipping product

Children’s masks are booming as they are searched frequently on search engines. The most commonly searched keywords include kid-friendly pattern masks, cartoon masks, and funny animal masks.

Interdental toothbrushes

best dropshipping products 2021
interdental brush best dropshipping products for Shopify in 2022

The interdental toothbrush is an alternative to dental floss. The interdental toothbrush is designed to clear plaque that builds up between the teeth and along the gumline.

Via Google Trends

Many customers post their feedback on social networks and forums about this product. They think that using an interdental toothbrush helps them cure bleeding gums and thus, decreases the number of visits to the dentist. This explanation for the intake of the interdental toothbrush’s consumption has risen significantly.

Sleep gummies

best dropshipping products 2020
Sleep gummies best dropshipping products for Shopify in 2022

For many, sleeping well at night during the pandemic period isn’t easy. Consequently, in recent years, the number of searches for sleep gummies has skyrocketed. Sleep gummies contain melatonin, a widely available supplement that improves several sleep matters.

drop shipping products
sleep gummies best dropshipping products for Shopify in 2022

The best sleep gummies also incorporate other ingredients that promote tranquility or relaxation. It encourages a healthier sleep cycle.

Kitchen and grocery

Portable blenders

best products to dropship
Portable blenders best dropshipping products for Shopify in 2022

Almost every family has a full-size blender that can provide multiple servings at once. Over time, as the demand to carry their meals on the go increased, manufacturers shrunk the blender and turned it into a portable version.

Via Google Trends

The portable blender with neat, convenient, safe, clean, and easy-to-transport is the most popular product for young adults. In 2022, the numbers tend to be higher than in previous years, and the pandemic seems to have caused the product to reach its highest peak ever. This trend may hold steady in the coming years.

Home and bedroom

Air purifiers

top dropshipping products
Air purifiers best dropshipping products for Shopify in 2022

Using air purifiers can help remove irritating substances such as smoke, dust, odors, and pet dander. However, the point that makes customers care about is whether this product can destroy the coronavirus or not. Air purifiers are 99.97% effective at eliminating bacteria, including COVID-19, according to Tim Peglow, our assistant vice president of Patient Care and Patient Facilities.

Via Google Trends

In this year, the search interest for air purifiers was three times higher than in 2019. This is a potentially profitable dropshipping product that you can not overlook.

Blue light glasses

best dropshipping products
Blue light glasses best dropshipping products for Shopify in 2022

Blue light glasses or “computer glasses” is a booming dropshipping product category, thanks to the increasing use of electronic devices. Blue light glasses are specifications designed with lenses that filter out certain light waves to limit blue light entering the eyes when using phones, laptops, and tablets.

Via Google Trends

Some celebrities such as Jennifer Lopex or Kylie Jenner are using blue light glasses. Currently, searches and sales started to increase in February and are stabilizing.

Ring lights

dropshipping products
Ring lights best dropshipping products for Shopify in 2022

Ring lights are circular lights that provide a flattering glow without creating shadows or harsh lines. They used to be a tool for professional photoshoots, but presently, they are popular with everyone, including amateur YouTubers or avid TikTokers.

Via Google Trends

Since 2015, ring lights have become increasingly common. Search interests for ring lights have increased in March 2022 and are predicted to be profitable at the end of the year.


Gaming monitors

Gaming monitors best dropshipping products for Shopify in 2022

The gaming monitor is one of the best products to dropship in 2022. As you know, gamers would never regret buying the best game monitor since a high-quality game monitor gives the perfect mix of resolution, refresh rate, and color. 

Via Google Trends

Gaming monitors are expected to generate high revenue in 2022 based on customer demand from 2020 to 2022.

Gaming mouse pads

Gaming mouse pads

Gaming mousepads provide pinpoint control and smoother movement. In beast hunting gaming, where a click sensitivity is required for precise targeting, the mouse pad becomes an essential part of PC settings.

Via Google Trends

In April 2020, search interest for this product reached its highest level in half a year and increased higher in November. If quarantine persists, gaming mousepads are expected to develop and to be one of the top dropshipping products in the next year.

Now it’s your turn!

We’ve listed the 10 best dropshipping products for the Shopify store. With this article, we hope you will find your best dropshipping products and put them in your store to maximize sales.

Begin researching more information about these products, promote them in different ways, then check the results. After that, make the best decision you can and go on. We hope the greatest comes to you. If you have any questions or a product that you would like to add to the list, please feel free to comment.

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