Best UpSell and Cross-Sell Shopify Apps in 2021

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Best UpSell and Cross-Sell Shopify Apps in 2021

Businesses are shifting to e-commerce, splashing the cash on ads to drive as much traffic to their websites as possible and praying that they will convert to sales. Let’s face the fact, 97% of your website traffic will not become your paid customers. 

Besides, stores rely on ads to sell their products more than ever. This is both costly and risky as the ads CPA are rocketing and soon it will become ineffective.

Now let’s face the fact:

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  • It costs up to 7x to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. 
  • The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while it’s only 5% to 20% for a new prospect.
  • 65% of a company’s revenue comes from existing customers.

Take Shopify merchants as an example, while 89% believe that customer experience is the most important factor to retain customers. A large portion of them believe having a smart Up-selling and Cross-Selling strategy would help increase both customer loyalty and value too.

The difference between Up-sell & Cross-sell

Here I think many of us are often confused. So what is actually the difference between upselling and cross-selling?

Up-selling is an act of selling a higher priced item to a customer instead of the customer’s original selected item. For example, if your customer chooses a 4GB ram laptop and you persuade her or him to buy a 8GB ram laptop, you just make an up-sell.

Cross-Selling is an act of selling additional items in addition to the items that the customers already purchased.  Think of a customer who purchases a big Mac and you sell them a bundle / combo of Big Mac, coke, french fries and soup.

To save your time, I will review the best up-sell and cross-sell Shopify apps in this article.

Hopefully it will provide you useful information to decide your next Shopify best upsell apps.

1. Reconvert Upsell and Cross-sell

Developer:  Stilo Apps

Rating:  5.0 (2400+ reviews)

Pricing: Free Plan Available| Pro plan: $7.9

ReConvert is a simple yet powerful app for thank you page optimization. It allows you to customize your thank you page fully & easily with a drag & drop interface.

Integrate with some of the most powerful apps on the platform, so that you can get the best of ALL worlds- use ReConvert’s amazing built-in widgets, to create the perfect converting thank you page & recharge customers.

With 5/5 rating and over 2000 reviews, ReConvert deserves to be top of the list of the best upsell apps for Shopify. 

ReConvert Best Shopify Up-sell apps
ReConvert is a simple yet powerful app for thank you page optimization


  • Discount popup with countdown timer (for up-selling)
  • Birthday collector
  • Product recommendations up-sell
  • Post-purchase surveys
  • Order tracking
ReConvert key selling points best Shopify up-sell apps
Key selling points of ReConvert Up-sell & Cross-sell

2. Frequently Bought Together

Developer: Code Black Belt

Rating:  4.9 (1700+ reviews)

Pricing: Pro plan: $9.99 |Free Plan Available

Frequently Bought Together provides Amazon-like product recommendations, upsell bundles and discounts for your Shopify store.

The app makes it easy for customers to add highly related products to shopping carts with just one-click. Frequently Bought Together analyzes customers’ data and establishes a memory graph with product recommendations.

When customers visit a product page, they will see a bundle of related products that they can add to their shopping carts with just a single click.

Frequently Bought Together Best Shopify Up-sell apps
Frequently Bought Together provides Amazon-like product recommendations, upsell bundles and discounts for your Shopify store.


  • Uses an Amazon-like approach to cross-selling, with a “frequently bought together” widget that generates product ideas
  • Utilize AI to analyze previous purchases data and display automatic recommended product bundles.
  • Set specific numbers of recommended products
  • Allow you to customize the position of the upsell grid on your store’s pages.
  • Create discounts in percentage value.
Frequently Bought Together Best Shopify Upsell apps
Frequently Bought Together has many powerful features

3. PickyStory

Developer: PickyStory

Rating: 4.9 (84 reviews)

Pricing: Starts from $19.5 | Free 14-days trial

PickyStroy is an upselling & cross-selling app for Shopify that enables merchants to generate more revenue from every customer by adding deals anywhere in their store.

PickyStory comes with a whole host of benefits and seemingly endless upselling potential. One of this app’s best features is its diverse range of upsell bundles  and other deals that can be displayed on any page in your store.

PickyStory’s Combo Product feature gives merchants the power to create an aggregate of products to sell as one, while the Bundle Builder deal allows customers to pick and choose their own products in a mix-and-match format.

What’s more, PickyStory auto-syncs your inventory at SKU level (yes, even for bundle deals), and all deals can be created with clicks (no coding knowledge required). Their customer support team is second-to-none and offers above-and-beyond assistance whenever it’s needed.

Use PickyStory’s deals to sell products together and generate more revenue 


  • Create and display deals on any page in your store
  • Auto-sync your inventory at SKU level for all deals
  • Add optional discounts to any deal
  • Customize your deals to integrate seamlessly into your store
Bundles App PickyStory
PickyStory is supercharged with the proven sales tools to increase AOV

4. Klaviyo Email Marketing

Developer: Klaviyo

Rating: 4.2 (1300+ reviews)

Pricing: Free

Klaviyo email marketing offers a wide range of  useful tools for your email marketing effort, from signup forms, robust segmentation to marketing automation across various channels and one of the best upsell apps for Shopify store.

Klaviyo provides comprehensive analysis about the marketing campaigns’ efficiency, as well as evaluating the tendency of customers’ purchase behavior. The app also helps you in designing email templates that match well with your website’s images and messages. 

Klaviyo Best upsell app for Shopify
Klaviyo email marketing offers a wide range of useful tools for your email marketing


  • Re-convert lost sales with pre-built email flows, including abandoned cart and winback campaigns.
  • Combine data from Shopify and other apps to segment your audience and send personalized, highly-targeted email campaigns.
  • Provide 100+ pre-built integrations ranging from shipping solutions to rewards programs.
  • Offer in-depth reporting and analytics
  • Seamlessly sync customer segmented lists to Facebook and Instagram. This helps you target the right audience thus increasing your conversion rate.
  • Send timely text messages to customers who prefer receiving texts.
Klaviyo key selling points best upsell apps for Shopify stores
Klaviyo provides comprehensive analysis about the marketing campaigns’ efficiency

5. Personalizer

Developer: Limespot

Rating: 4.8 (1400+ reviews)

Pricing: Basic plan: $19

LimeSpot is an AI-powered personalization platform that empowers marketers and ecommerce professionals to deliver 1:1 personalized shopping experiences across web, mobile, emails, and ads. LimeSpot increases conversion rates, transaction size, and customer engagement. 

Personalizer best upsell apps for Shopify stores
LimeSpot is an AI-powered personalization platform that empowers marketers and e-commerce professionals


  • Real-time Audience Segmentation
  • Content Personalization
  • Dynamic Curated Collections
  • Intelligent products recommendation
  • Email personalization
  • Multiple websites coverage
Personalizer key selling points best upsell apps for Shopify stores
Personalizer’s key features

6. Discounted Upsells

Developer: Booster apps

Rating: 4.3 (1400+ reviews)

Pricing: Basic plan: $19.99

If you have customers ordering from your store we 100% recommend installing the app – the vast majority of Shopify stores see real results within their free trial.

Easily set up different discount upsells and start making more sales today! The app is fully customizable and takes less than a minute to get set up with some upsell offers.

Discounted Upsells best upsell apps for Shopify
Discounted Upsells is one of the best upsell apps for your Shopify stores


  • Offer customers upsell products and enable replacing a product with an upgraded version.
  • Upsell from a single product to a product bundle or kit.
  • Cross-sell related or complementary products.
  • AI friendly bot can calculate your perfect upsell offer based upon your order history.

7. Ali Reviews – Product Reviews

Developer: FireApps

Rating: 4.9 (6300+ reviews)

Pricing: Starter plan: $9.9

Many of you would be asking why adding a reviews app on the list of upsell and cross-sell apps. The answer is simple, do you buy a product that has no customer review? No, right? So before you are working on any upsell or cross-sell strategies you need to make sure to add reviews to your products. 

Ali Reviews is the top-rated social proof solution for all business models including Print-on-demand, DTC to increase sales with customer reviews. 

Ali Reviews best upsell apps for Shopify stores
Ali Reviews is the top-rated social proof solution for all business models including Print-on-demand, DTC to increase sales with customer reviews.


  • Collect reviews by sending fully customizable and automated review request emails
  • Schedule emails by order status and add Country Timing to make sure emails reach customers at perfect timing
  • Launch follow-up emails to promote new products and boost sales
  • Display personalized reviews based on customer info (location/ AOV/ total spending) or on-site behavior (products in cart, viewed products)
  • Proactively display reviews of key products to upsell/cross-sell and increase Average Order Value
  • Far from just a boring review solution, Ali Reviews helps you leverage reviews intelligently to optimize conversion rate
  • Migrate reviews from other review apps like Loox, Yotpo, Stamped,
Ali Reviews key selling points
Ali Reviews provides comprehensive features to increase conversion rates and build social proof.

8. Buy Now Upsell Popup ‑ Trtle

Developer: Shipway

Rating: 4.8 (34 reviews)

Pricing: From $9.99/month. 14-day free trial.

Buy Now Upsell Popup ‑ Trtle, a Shopify app is overtaken by Shipway. The app is adding value to the  “Super App”, as it is a platform to help D2C merchants to boost their sales by setting up cross-selling, upselling, and bundling opportunities on their eCommerce websites and increasing their AOV.

The tool allows you to set a popup that will recommend similar products to your customers to what they have added to their cart, and the pop will appear as soon as they click on the “Add to Cart” button. The app is developed with an easy-to-use interface, in which you will not require any coding. Moreover, you can anytime add the upsell pop-up between the product page and the cart, also can you customize these pop-ups as per your brand theme to maintain the brands’ visibility.

The app is designed for your high-converting eCommerce business standards and is helpful to increase your ROI by 10X.

Here are some of the other additional features of the app include:

  • Add an upsell popup between the product page and the cart.
  • Instantly turn the app on or off.
  • Pre-populate your upsell with digital products.
  • Customize the upsell pop-up to suit your brand.

Before you go

Whether you just started out on Shopify or an established business those apps above will meet your needs. Before deciding to go with any apps, you have to make sure it fits well with your business objectives.

Selling to existing customers is always easier, more cost effective than to acquire a new one. So instead of focusing all your resources on acquisition which has proved to be very ineffective in the long run, spending more time to retain existing customers. Cross-selling and up-selling should be part of every e-commerce business sales strategy.

Let’s find out more about the world of e-commerce here

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