12 Shopify apps for starting an e-commerce business

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12 Shopify apps for starting an e-commerce business

E-commerce is totally a different game to a traditional brick and mortar store. There is a ton of stuff that needs you to manage, track, and optimize. The longer you are store owner, the bigger that data will be. Data will be in many types, numbers, text, or contact lists. All of those things will need to be organized well so the business would run smoothly.

Those tasks never are done with just your bare hands. However, we are here to list the 10 best Shopify apps you should get for your store. It will do the tough part for you and let your business run forward. Why thousands of merchants are using Shopify apps right now?

Let’s check this list out and get the answer!

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1. Ali Reviews

Ali Reviews is one of the best social proof solution available among Shopify apps. Ali Review gets reviews from many sources and shows them on your page in the best way. Therefore your product quality would be guaranteed and customers would be convinced.

Ali Reviews is one of the best social proof solution for Shoipify store owners

Key feature

  • Bulk import reviews from different source
  • Fully customizable testimonial page
  • Email to customers to get new reviews
  • Reviews pop-up get the store busier
The Ali Reviews’s interface. Ali Reviews allows you to strengthen your social proof through bulky import review, email request and review pops.


You can use Ali Reviews basic plan for $9.90 a month.

2. Oberlo

Oberlo is one of the most popular Shopify apps. It is essential for any dropshipping store owner. With Oberlo, you can find the trending products and get them on your store instantly.

Oberlo is the must-know app for every dropshipper.

Key features

  • Find popular products from worldwide supplier
  • Ship package directly from supplier to customer
  • Track all orders with simple process


You can start using Oberlo for free if your store scale is small. When your business is going bigger, you will want to upgrade to a premium plan starting from $29.99 to get all functions.

3. SMS Email Marketing Automation

AVADA Commerce is one of the well-known e-commerce solution providers on Shopify and Magento. AVADA Commerce was founded in 2019 with a focus on SaaS solutions to promote online merchant business worldwide. AVADA has released various free apps with beneficial features and advanced features. They are a trustworthy platform with over 48,000 global merchants.

AVADA Commerce is one of the leading e-commerce solution providers
AVADA Commerce is one of the leading e-commerce solution providers

Key features

  • Email Marketing: Provide email templates without coding or designing skills helps merchants save lots of time and effort.
  • SEO Suite: Optimize image ALT, JSON-LD, Meta tags, Sitemap automatically for all pages.
  • PDF Invoice: PDF Invoice, PDF Order, PDF Refund, and PDF Packing Slip templates are easy to create by simple configuration steps.
  • Size Chart: It is simple to build size charts for many kinds of products such as bags, shoes, clothes, etc.
  • Discount Code Generator: Discount Code Generator is designed to assist Shopify stores in generating a code pool for any current discount rule.
  • Google Tag Manager: This tool helps merchants implement Google Tag Manager into the store sites in one click to track and gather visitor data quickly and conveniently.


The prices vary based on the field. However, the average price ranges from FREE to $9/month. Flexible pricing is calculated based on contact count and customer demands.

4. DropCommerce: US Dropshipping by DropCommerce

DropCommerce is a platform that helps you find reliable dropshipping suppliers with warehouses based in the United States. Rather than sourcing products from China, DropCommerce allows you to start selling high-quality products and offer 4-7 day shipping with the touch of a button. It’s free to get started, and the app is already available for Shopify and BigCommerce, with more integrations on the way. Finally, dropshipping you can count on!

This app will help you find products your customers will love!

Key Features:

  • Over 20,000 dropshipping products from US & Canadian suppliers
  • Most products enjoy 4-7 day shipping to the US, and a >30% discount from retail
  • Professional dropshipping features like automatic order processing, branded invoices, and automatically synchronized inventory


Users can begin using DropCommerce for free! You can browse, add products to your store, and test demand with your audience. To process orders you’ll need a subscription, which starts as low as $19/month.

5. Product Filter & Search by Boost Commerce

Product Filter & Search by Boost Commerce is a go-to Shopify app for smart search and filtering. It provides Shopify merchants with powerful product filter trees, a variety of options and display settings, smart search capabilities for hyper-relevant results, useful tools for site search merchandising, and analytical reports that indicate consumer behaviors.

This Shopify app is all you need to fix any SEO problem on your store

Key features

  • Advanced and highly customizable product filters 
  • Smart site search and instant search widgets to power your search performance 
  • Dynamic visual merchandising tools to convert more visitors into customers
  • Insightful analytics that helps you enhance your Shopify filters and search performance


To leverage your online business with this powerful tool, go get a 14-day free trial on Boost Product Filter & Search – no credit card required. You can get access to our advanced filter, smart search, merchandising to grow AOVs, and data-driven reports on shoppers’ behaviors.

6. PushOwl

PushOwl is a push notification solution to make your visitor come back to your products.

With PushOwl, you can create your own timely push notification for your Shopify Store


PushOwl is the strong push notification app for store owner to get customers engaged

Key features:

  • Push notifications to bring customers back to products
  • Many automated templates like abandoned carts, back in stock alert, etc.


Free plan available; paid plans start at $19 per month based on impressions.

7. Whatsapp & SMS Marketing Flows by Shipway

Whatsapp & SMS Marketing Flows is one of the popular Shopify Apps. The app provides a modern solution to eCommerce merchants allowing them to notify their end customers with a 99% opening rate. It enables automated reminder notifications to be sent to your customers for their abandoned shopping carts, alongside automated follow-ups on the same offering discounts at regular intervals.

Also, it allows you to send marketing broadcasts to your customers over both channels, thanking them for purchasing, promoting new products, and offering discounts on your stores.

Key Features

  • Send SMS notifications to 220 countries.
  • Send WhatsApp Broadcasts.
  • Custom sender id available.
  • Automatic add discounts in the abandoned cart notifications and checkout URLs.


You can start using the app whenever you want, the installation is free. It’s a “Pay per Use Model”. The plan starts from $30.

8. Privy

This app is a strong tool for Email & SMS marketing. Privy allows you to set up your messages to the audience, your pop-up, and so on, that will help to increase conversion rate and reduce abandoned carts.

Privy is the strong SMS&Email marketing tool

Key features:

  • Email & SMS marketing essential functions: create and manage a campaign from scratch
  • Real-time reporting helps you know your campaign through numbers of key metrics


Privy has a free plan and paid plan starting from $10 with extended functions.

9. Infinite Options

This app is well known for its amazing function: add options to your product. With Infinite Options, your customers will be able to customize their orders based on their personal. The only limit is your creativity.

If you are selling customizable products, you will need Infinite Options app to add options

Key features:

  • Set up products option
  • Product bundling to boost the order size


With the 14-day trial, Infinite Options has only one plan that charges you $6.99

10. Seguno

Seguno focuses on email marketing. Its welcome emails can help you turn new visitors into regular customers by building their trust from the beginning. This Shopify app is especially useful for new store owners.

Seguno with its strong “welcome” and “thank you” email will be essential for every fresh store owner

Key features

  • Sends quick welcome and thank-you emails using an automated system
  • Unique discount code generator


The free plan of this Shopify app will let you send unlimited emails to a 250-subscribers list. If you have a long list and want more functions, you might want to upgrade to $10-plan.

11. Bulk Image Edit

This app will optimize images on your store for the SEO requirements. You can edit thousands of images in bulk action and save your time. This Shopify app is especially useful for products that strongly rely on images like clothing.

BIE is the useful tool for all store owners because in e-commerce world, image is the key.

Key feature

  • Improve image SEO with image size, alt-text, file name edit
  • Bulk image edit for social media
  • Watermark and protected image


Bulk Image Edit allows you to edit up to 50 images a month if you use the free plan. Upgrade to paid plan starting from $9.99 and you will be able to edit up to 1000 images with 60-day backup

 12. Ali Hunter

For dropshipping store owners, finding products is the tough part. Ali Hunters is the tool that can do this tough part for you. This Shopify app is smart to pick the best product based on advanced filters.

Ali Hunter is very effective to reveal competitive store owners.

Key features

  • Reveal competitors who are selling the same product with you
  • Find best product choice


With a charge rate of $19.90 a month, you will have a strong kit for the dropshipping business.

Congratulations! You’ve finished your perfect Shopify Appstore!

Hope that the above list can help you to get your right set of tools for your business. However, Shopify e-commerce is not about only the apps so if you want to learn more about Shopify, check this “6 Things you shouldn’t miss out about Shopify before launching an e-commerce store”.

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