Ali Reviews Launches New Free Plan

The Free Plan goes live on February 9, 2022. New users can install the Ali Reviews app for free, which provides the most basic functionality.

At Ali Reviews, we want every store to be able to showcase customer reviews in a professional way to enhance their online reputation. The pandemic has had a significant influence on the growth of small and new stores. For these reasons, our Free Plan is here to help them get there without worrying about the cost.

Free plan features

Ali Reviews Launches New Free Plan
  • 5 Reviews per product
  • Basic review widget display: Product Review Box & Star Ratings
  • Collect customer reviews on the store
  • Review sources insights
  • Widget performance
  • 24/7 Dedicated support

Get the Free Plan

Conditions of use: New users who install Ali Reviews for the first time and have not had any orders in the last 60 days prior to AR installation.

*People who reinstall the app after the Free plan release date aren’t eligible for the offer.

*Free Plan might be deactivated at any time without any prior notification (Free Plan is only offered for a short time to help small stores overcome challenges. When the time comes, the Free Plan will be turned off).

Following the successful installation of Ali Reviews, the system will suggest a plan based on the user’s Shopify plan and the number of products in the store. Users can start their 7-day free trial by selecting any subscription plan. During a 7-day trial, users can switch to a different paid plan and enjoy the remaining days of the trial.

When the trial period expires, click “View other options” to view the entire pricing page; users who meet the conditions of use will see the Free Plan. The only thing left to do is grab it.

The Free Plan will start rolling out on February 9, 2022. We hope that the Free Plan will provide you with beneficial activities and that many of the people who try our Free Plan fall in love with Ali Reviews and soon upgrade to a paid subscription.