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May 2021 update - New interface, Cloudflare Integration, and fixes

Slow yourself, Shopify merchants, and take a look at the latest version of Ali Reviews, meant to enhance your experiences. 


  1. UI in-app improvement
  2. Bug fixes
  3. Features update in pricing plans
  4. Cloudflare Integration

1. UI in-app improvement

We prioritize improving the UI design in-app for providing better user experiences and a smoother workflow. You can easily recognize Ali Reviews’ new interface is distinct and more attractive than the others.

2. Bug fixes

In this period, we also succeed in fixing bugs by tracking all aspects of the software development cycle, adding features, testing, and the like.

3. Features update in pricing plans

And, the details in pricing have been updated to make it easier for users to get new features information.

4. Cloudflare Integration

In this update, by using Cloudflare caching functions, we eliminated website bloat and created a lightning-fast loading website.

That’s what we have got in the latest version of Ali Reviews, and a lot more planned for our upcoming releases! As we proceed towards working on the new features and launches for you, enjoy these new features to their fullest. 

Important: Ali Reviews integrations issues

The new Ali Reviews is released on March 3, 2021. During testing, we discovered a compatibility issue with the store design apps and a small number of themes. This affects displaying review elements in your storefront when Ali Reviews 6 rolls out.

If you’re using integrated apps or themes from the official partners of Ali Reviews, then our Technical Support might be able to help you with the integration. Although we’re able to support current users with some kinds of integrations, keep in mind that we can’t help new users temporarily. We assess integration eligibility on a case-by-case basis.

  • Direct impact
    • Themes: Debutify, Ecomsolid, Wokiee, Shella, Gecko, Yanka, Elessi, Hooli, Molla, Basel, Booster, etc.
    • Apps: PageFly, Gempages, Layouthub, Ampify Me, etc.
  • Some apps might work incorrectly: Socialpublish, Flits, Rise, ReConvert, Boost Product Filter & Search, Personalized Recommendations, Searchanise.

Ali Reviews works with all partners to understand the root cause of the problem, and where needed address it with a product fix or workaround. But, Ali Reviews might require that the user open a ticket with our partner towards the quick solution.

Announcement: FireApps Affiliate Program shutdown

The FireApps Affiliate Program is scheduled to shut down on December 31, 2020.

This article is here to address common questions that affiliates may ask.

Why is the Affiliate Program being shut down?

There are a variety of reasons involved. For us to focus on improving our apps, we have had to make difficult decisions and prioritize. The system works incorrectly after updating new apps on December 22nd and we’re in a shortage of developers to improve it.

Will I still get paid for referrals made before the program is shut down?

Yes, any qualifying conversions made prior to December 31, 2020, will be paid when the commissions are due.

Will I be able to access the portal to track commissions that are due?

Yes, the Affiliate Program portal will remain online until all commissions are paid. You can log in to the Affiliate Program here.

What will happen to my referral link?

Unfortunately, after December 31, 2020, your referral link will no longer work. You will not receive commissions for any conversions made via your referral link after December 31st.

Will the Affiliate Program be coming back?

Maybe, it’s the advanced system if we have any plans to bring back the Affiliate Program.

Where should I send questions about this?

If you have a question or concern that’s not answered here, email us at support@fireapps.io

Review Widget update: Faster loading speed on site

This update will be rolling out for:

  1. Users who are using a version below 4.5
  2. Users who are using version 4.5 with Store Font setting

1. Users who are using a version below 4.5

Since the settings of versions below version 4.5 are not compatible with the improvements we’ve made until now. It’s required that you update to version 4.5 to continue using the app.

What’s new in the 4.5 version?

  • Review Widget is redesigned for a more eye-catching look on your site. To be specific, the layout and other elements of your reviews are polished to better stand out to visitors
  • Faster loading speed. 40% of people will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Thus, we’ve made our widget the lightest and fastest ever on the market! It works for not only desktop but also for mobile and tablet.

These improvements will have a HUGE impact on customer experience and on-site conversions.

What to note:

  • This is a totally FREE update.
  • Your Store Font setting will be changed to Ali Reviews Font. But don’t worry since we’re working to bring you more Font options in the near future!
  • Your old settings will be reset but you can customize and recover all settings easily
  • If you don’t accept the update, you won’t be able to access the app functions but your storefront still remains the same.

👉 Here are some sneak peek inside Ali Reviews 4.5

2. Users who are using version 4.5

If you’re NOT using Store Font, then you’re all set! Nothing to worry about.

In case you’re using Store Font, the Store Font option will be switched to Ali Reviews Font. This happens because we’ve done improvements to review widget to bring faster-loading speed and a smoother user experience for your store.

Meanwhile, we’re still working to bring you more Font options for theme settings in the near future! Let’s wait for that!

🎯 This update will be available for all users on Thursday, Oct 15, 2020 (GMT+7). Just login to the app then and pull the update button.

⚠️Update on Feb 16, 2021:

All users app version will be automatically upgraded to 4.5 version when The New Ali Reviews release (as well as when users join the Beta version). This procedure takes place in order to provide a smooth experience for all users to explore our app brand new features.

If you have any questions, just chat live with our support team or drop us an email at support@fireapps.io!