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Old-order Review Request (New Updates)

Old-order Review Request has been firstly introduced on our app since 22nd Nov, 2021. And we believe that this feature could help our merchants a lot in collecting reviews from their previous buyers who already made purchases before merchants installed Ali Reviews.

Since our app is now embedded in Shopify, which requires some features’ rules must be altered accordingly so that they can perform properly in embedded apps as well as serve the user experiences better. We’d like to provide you with a clearer rule updated about this feature as below:

  1. What are the Old-order review requests?
    Old orders are counted as your fulfilled orders in the last 60 days prior to Ali Reviews installation, then you can start collecting reviews of these orders using the function of Email Review Request.
  2. How does this feature work?
    You can find this feature in Auto Request/ Email Review Request.

– Old-order review request is only available from Essential Plan, limited request is also based on each plan:
Essential: 500 orders
Premium: 1,500 orders
Enterprise: 2,000 orders

– This feature is a one-time request, which means all of your old-fulfilled orders shall be sent once and for all. Once you already sent old-order requests in any available plan, you would no longer send the remaining requests in any higher plan upgraded.
For example:

  • Total old-orders you got: 1,570
  • Your current plan: Essential
  • So the actual number of orders could be sent for request is 500 (Assuming that each order also gets valid emails)

– After the requests are successfully sent, you can track the number of success requests in the header notification on the function block, details can be also referred to the Request Dashboard in Auto Request menu.

Please be noted that:
A. Only orders with valid email could be sent for email requests.
B. In case, the number of requests is so huge, the email request could take a moment to be processed, you can check the request performance after the processing is done.
C. The remaining orders will be cut off for sending requests whether you have your plan upgraded or not.
D. For current users who still have remaining-old orders on waiting list to be sent in the following months, we’re sorry to inform you that those orders will no longer be able to be sent starting 20th Sep, 2022.

Thank you for your understanding with our updates.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via live chat with us or drop us an email at Support Team.

OneCommerce Grand Launch Offer Promotion

  1. Promotion name: OneCommerce Grand Launch Offer
  2. Promotion period: 6/9/2022 – 6/10/2022
  3. Eligible plans: Free, Starter, Essential, Premium and Enterprise
  4. Scope of application
  • Apply to new users installed Ali Reviews from 6/9/2022 to 6/10/2022.
  • One-time valid code is only applicable within the trial period.
  • Extend more 23-day free trial for all plan applied code within this eligible program.
  1. Program offer:
    1. Free plan will redeem a 30-day free trial of Starter 
    2. Paid plan will redeem a 30-day free trial of current plan

* Please keep in mind that:
These offers shall be applied for first-time users only.

  1. Program terms and conditions
  • This offer shall be applied only for Shopify store owners, who are using Shopify paid plan.
  • All of the promotions offered shall be applied within a 7-day trial.
  • Once you have successfully claimed the offer before and then reinstall or downgrade back to Free plan, the code shall not be applicable anymore since this is the one-time promo code.
  • After the 30-day promo code expires, the app subscription will be automatically charged on your monthly Shopify Billing as usual.
  • Our current 30-day unconditionally refunding request shall NOT be applied since the date of this promo code successfully applied on your account.
  • This Promotion shall be offered on a “first come first serve” basis and may be early ended in case our offers changed without prior notice.
  • These Promotions shall not be applied in conjunction with any other offers, discounts or promotions occurring in the same period.
  1. General terms and conditions:
  • Ali Reviews reserves the sole and exclusive right to refuse offering the Promotion, giving the products/services to any eligible Clients considering using a virtual account, fake account, incorrect data entry, fraud or other similar circumstances or violates any part of these Terms and Conditions of the program.
  • By participating in the Promotion, Merchant by default accepts all Terms and Conditions of the Promotion as listed.

If you have any concerns about this Promotion or our adherence to it, please contact us at support@fireapps.io.

Integration with Avada: Automate dynamic email workflows in minutes

We’re happy to inform you that we have integrated with Avada – The Top Rated Marketing Automation Platform specialized for eCommerce.

Discover what this new integration can do for you:

  • Express your thankfulness and interest in customer reviews.
  • Make other products or promotions more visible.
  • Send follow-up emails and SMS to increase engagement with customers.
  • Achieve brand consistency of branding across emails and SMS with ease.
  • Automate and optimize your workflow.

Learn more how to integrate with Avada

Here 3 steps to get integrated with Avada and start your auto-marketing flow:

Step 1: Go to Integration, select Third-party app and choose to Integrate with Avada

Step 2: Input the App ID and Secret key into the integration modal 

By going to https://app.avada.io/manage/keys?reload=true which is the hyperlink of Avada account settings guided in the modal, you can get those serie number for the integration to be accomplished.

Step 3: Tap the Verify button to complete the integration, then you get noticed by the succeeded toast on the top-left page like this. Now you can get started creating an auto-triggered flow based on high ratings submitted from your customers.

How to setup auto-flow after integrating with Avada

This is the demo of automate-triggered flow when you got customer feedback with high ratings, find out here. You can also explore email tactics to get the most effect for your flow.

If you need some more helps, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at support@fireapps.io

Ali Reviews’ new navigation for a better performance

Many factors influence the user experience. However, nothing is more likely to drive users away from an app than confusing directions. We entirely understand; therefore, we have upgraded the navigation experience within Ali Reviews.

We restructured our navigation to make them more relevant to merchant demands, easier to find, and take less time to finish, allowing merchants to move quickly to the next stages of development. 

We’ll go through some changes here.

Ali Reviews’ new look in the app

Collect reviews

Request Dashboard

In the Request Dashboard section, we will remove from the Actions column two features that send review requests via QR code and Share as visual image.

In addition, we also change the Scheduled status to Reviewed when the order receives a customer review from the Request Generator Dashboard. 

Auto Request

We have divided the email templates part into a new section titled “Advanced customization in Email templates.” When you click on this, you’ll be directed to a new page where you can choose a suitable layout and customize your email. All of the email’s settings can be previewed.

Request Generator

The Request Generator page is equipped with smart features such as asking for reviews via social networks with dynamic messages, generating scannable QR codes, and automatic linking with email requests to encourage customers to submit reviews and boost sales.

Reviews Import

Besides, importing reviews from AliExpress, a CSV file, or in bulk is now easier and faster, thanks to the building of specific pages for each of these solutions.

Soon, we will have more powerful functions that will allow you to get more great reviews and make your reviews stand out even more, so keep an eye on them.

Come see for yourself how these improvements can help you maximize productivity!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via live chat with us or drop us an email at support@fireapps.io.