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Live: Auto Update Reviews for Essential plan + Google Shopping updates 💥

Starting from today July 28, Auto Update Reviews feature will be unlocked for Essential plan. We know this is a difficult time for everyone who is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic so Ali Reviews is here for you this time!

Auto Update Reviews is available for Essential plan

That’s real!! This exclusive feature which was planned for Premium plan only will be now unlocked for Essential users. You can take a look at its excellent benefits here!


Since this feature requires lots of data resources, there’ll be some limitations that you’ll need to note:

  • Reviews will not be updated everyday like in Premium plan. For Essential, reviews will be updated every 3 days. But that’s still better than none since you don’t have to check and import new reviews manually.
  • Individual setting for individual products will be blocked. If you want to adjust settings for each and every product, consider moving up to Premium!
Individual setting for each product is off on Essential plan

Newly improved Google Shopping Integration

This is the latest feature and despite just released for only 1 month, we’ve received much positive feedback so we continue to make it better! For your information, this is an integration to push reviews to Google Shopping ads.

To make sure your reviews are easily submitted to Google Shopping Feed via XML file, we’ve invented 2 ways to run XML file:

  • Auto update XML file: Reviews in your XML file will be auto updated everyday and Google will inspect the file daily. Your file limit is 5,000 reviews due to Google’s operation.
  • Manually update XML file: Download XML file and manually import reviews to Google Shopping Feed. Due to Ali Reviews’s policy, the file size must not exceed 70MB, so the file limit is 25,000 reviews for this method.

Import reviews by date range

We have added 1 more option to improve the Import Reviews in Date Range section. That’s “Exclude last 7 days”

If you want all your reviews translated all at once, check on “Exclude last 7 days” since AliExpress only translates reviews older than 7 days.

🤩Pheww, that’s all about updates this time. Now you can go experience Auto Update Reviews or try out Google Shopping Integration!

Push Product Reviews to Google Shopping Feed🎉

If you’re running Google Shopping Ads and you haven’t optimized them with product reviews, then you’re missing out A LOT!

Google Shopping Integration to show product reviews

With product reviews displayed on Shopping ads, your products can stand out & triggers faster-buying decisions! See amazing benefits here.


Google Product Ratings come with many benefits, but getting them is more than a battle due to Google’s strict rules. To know how to begin, follow our step by step guide here.

Google Shopping Integration is currently available for Essential and Premium plan. Go ahead and explore this new feature.

As a Premium user, you can take this feature to another level with Auto Update Reviews by keeping your product reviews up-to-date both on your Shopify store and Google Product Listing.

Bonus: Key functions remastered in this update

To ensure current features are getting better, we also come up with some improvements.

1. Publish/Unpublish reviews after importing

This is the most wanted feature requested by many Ali Reviews users. Now you can adjust import settings status to “publish” or “unpublish” after they are imported. When you unpublish, you can edit reviews to your liking and then publish them later!

Auto update review interface in Ali Reviews

2. Import reviews by date range

Easily set up a date range to get recent reviews, whether you want reviews from 30/90 days or you want to customize specific dates!


🔔Kindly note: If you want all your reviews translated all at once, check on “Exclude last 7 days” since AliExpress only translates reviews older than 7 days.

3. Auto remove duplicate reviews

Manually deleting duplicate reviews is annoying so we’ll help you get rid of it from now on! You’re hands-free now!

💥Well it’s a blast right? Now go on and enjoy our new updates!

4. Change default Import Settings to avoid blank reviews

The new default Import Settings will uncheck the option “Reviews without content” to help you avoid importing blank reviews (reviews with no text/content). This update applies to all users.


Introducing Auto Update Reviews: Keep your reviews up to date effortlessly 🔓🎉

🔥Wassup!! In this 5.3 update, we come up with Auto Update Reviews to help you save time, get fresh reviews everyday with minimum effort.

Auto Update Reviews for your products everyday

When you enable Auto Update Reviews, your products will be updated reviews everyday based on customized settings. AliExpress product has new reviews means that your product will also have new reviews auto imported daily!

👉Check out Auto Update Reviews benefits to see why you should use it immediately!


Other updates in 5.3 version

We also have other improvements in this version as below:


1. What’s new section on Dashboard 

This board will keep you always informed of our latest news and updates



2. Custom Import Settings

Now you can adjust specific settings for reviewer’s gender & name when importing reviews


….customized settings need some time, we will alert when settings may slow down import progress…



3. Save AliExpress link for next import 

Bravo! Now your AliExpress link will be saved after importing via Oberlo / Ali Orders so it’s faster to import next time without pasting link again. Plus, this lets you use Auto Update Reviews more effectively!


Ali Reviews 5.2 Released - Bulk import reviews from CSV file

Yayyyyy! What’s new in Ali Reviews 5.2? 🎉


✔️ Import reviews from CSV file

  • Exclusive on a review app, this feature lets you import reviews for bulk products – all at once and in a flash! Instantly import our ready CSV file or freely edit with your content from any source!
  • Now available on Essential plan and up!

✔️ Integration Directory

  • Check out tons of beautiful themes for your website from the awesome apps we’ve teamed up with.

Take closer look on our new updates here

Now let’s import reviews IN A NEW WAY!