Create reviews as images with an upgraded experience

With our most recent update, you can now share your review as an image on social media. Many of the settings for importing reviews from AliExpress also have been improved.

Share your reviews as images on social media

Our new version allows you to style your reviews with beautiful pre-designed themes. You can share these review images on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest and download them as a marketing resource for your business.

Your review images will stand out with versatility customization, letting each user customize the text color, reviewer profile picture, and background image to their specific demands. Check this link to know how to turn your reviews into eye-catching images.

Create reviews as images with an upgraded experience

This feature is available for Essential, Premium, and Enterprise plans.

AliExpress review import improvement

Skip reviews with keywords

How will you get rid of reviews that include bad language if you don’t want to show them from the start? Our filter helps you automatically remove reviews that contain keywords like AliExpress and offensive words when importing AliExpress reviews.

Automatically change Reviewer names

Our updated setting now allows you to change the names of Reviewers whose names contain AliExpress Shopper with a random first letter (excluding F) followed by *****. For instance, J*****.

To learn more, visit this article.

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