Got the new Find & Replace The Translation to save you time

Today’s news is fantastic! Transcy has officially launched a new feature to help you save time and manage your translations more efficiently.

The new “Find & Replace” function allows you to search any translation content in-app to find and replace it with another.

It also allows you to adjust specific keywords, for example: You want to find a wrongly translated word “sample” in the target language (Vietnamese) and replace it with a correct word “samples” in Vietnamese in all places on your store that contain the word “sample.”

Transcy new version
Transcy officially released the new “Find & Replace” feature

You can experiment with it and learn how it works in the Help Center.

In addition, we have added a Language & Currency filter in settings to help you manage the “Added languages/currency” and show them in default, as well as All Languages/Currency that Transcy supports for your store.

Transcy new version
Transcy adds the Language & Currency filter in settings

You can give it a shot right now!

Also, don’t forget to keep an eye out for our next upcoming release.