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Improve translation quality with Glossary

This week, we’re proud to introduce Glossary, a brand new feature of the Transcy app. This will help you to obtain higher-quality translations while saving time on manual editing.

Why you need to refine machine translation

Automatic machine translation is amazing. It saves you tons of time and effort. 

Machine translation, however, has downsides. Sometimes the translations can be weird and confusing, or even incorrect.

For example, the English word “Home” on a website navigation, which means “Homepage” (the front page of a website) in the context of an online store, can be mistranslated into “Domicile” in French, which means “house”.

Sounds weird, right?

That’s why we usually need a second layer of manual review and making edits for machine translation where necessary. Transcy has made it way easier and faster with Glossary – a new effective tool that helps your  translation be more accurate and natural.

What is a Glossary

A Glossary is a set of custom translation rules. It describes exactly when and how to translate a specific word or phrase.

By using Glossary, you can condition a specific word or phrase to be always translated in a particular way in each target language, or exclude them to be never translated.

To add a new rule, go to the Translation menu >> Glossary, then click “Add new rule”.

Transcy allows you to set up advanced rules with detailed setting options. You can decide the translation type for each rule, as well as which language and resource type this rule applies to.

For example, the sample problem we mentioned above can be resolved by including a new Glossary rule like follows:

Text: Home
Translation type: Always translate
Apply for: French / Navigation
Always translate to: Page d’accueil

For the step-by-step instruction, visit our article at https://support.fireapps.io/en/article/how-to-use-glossary-feature-in-transcy-51d5ei/

When to use Glossary

You might use Glossary for the following use cases:

  • Product names
  • Multi-meaning words
  • Etc.

*Glossary rules only apply for Advanced languages.  

*The Glossary feature is only available for Growth and Premium plans. Learn more about Transcy’s plans here.

You can go to Shopify admin / Apps / Transcy / Pricing and upgrade to Growth or Premium to use this tool.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to support via live chat or email support@fireapps.io

Changes in pricing plan names, auto sync markets’ data and more

This week’s release is here! This time, we’d like to introduce the changes in Transcy’s pricing plan names, as well as some improvements including auto sync markets’ data in Language and Currency menus.

Changes in pricing plan names

As the Transcy app has expanded and more features have been introduced, we’ve thought it’s a good idea to make a few changes in the name of pricing plans to better clarify which plan merchants should choose for their business.

new names of transcy pricing plans
New names of Transcy’s pricing plans

Apart from the updated name in ‘Your account’ section and in your billing, you should not notice anything different. Each plan’s price and features will remain the same.

Auto sync language and currency settings from Shopify Markets

Previously, users had to click ‘Sync market’s data’ in Language and Currency menus to check if a specific language or currency was connected with their Shopify Markets or not. 

transcy sync markets data
Previously, users had to click ‘Sync market’s data’ in Language and Currency menus

Now, we made it more convenient for you: the markets’ data is automatically connected to Transcy without having to click ‘Sync markets’ data’

Alongside this update are a few improvements which you can find listed below: 

  • Fix duplications in third-party app translations
  • Improve translation speed.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to support via live chat or email support@fireapps.io

Set up a multilingual Shopify store in minutes with Transcy app

Owning a website in multiple languages means you have more chances to approach global customers. Transcy app has made it easier for 107K+ Shopify merchants to create successful multilingual stores over the years. And now, with the new onboarding released this week, it has become even faster. Let’s check it out!

The new onboarding

When logging into the Transcy app for the first time, you will find a welcome pop-up. It leads you to two options to go with: 

  • Start exploring: Set up by yourself with an easy step-by-step onboarding guide;
  • Set up with specialist: Get support from our dedicated support team to help you set up a complete multilingual store with just a few clicks.
You can choose to explore the app yourself or get setup support from our specialist.

Manual setup guide

The guide will walk you through four easy steps to establish your multi-language and currency store.

  • Step 1 – Manage language
  • Step 2 – Translate your store
  • Step 3 – Set up currency
  • Step 4 – Set up Switcher

Simply follow these steps, and you’re done!

Setting up your multi-language and currency now becomes easier and faster.

If you still feel unsure about any steps in the process, you can click “Need help?” or the Chat icon on the bottom right corner to connect with our support team.

A to Z setup support from Transcy specialist

Besides the manual setup method, we offer an A to Z setup support for users to save you some time. 

The “Set up with specialist” button will lead you to a form. Then, fill out your desired target languages and currencies and the switcher template you want to show on your storefront and click “Submit.” Once we receive your information, we will contact you within 10 minutes and set it all up for you.

We also suggest which languages and currencies to add based on your store data.

*“Set up with specialist” is currently available for Starter and Essential plans only. We hope to open this fantastic service to all Transcy users soon. Visit Transcy on Shopify App Store to learn more about our available plans.

Let us know your feedback and questions via live chat or email support@fireapps.io . We can’t wait to hear from you.

Strengthen your Shopify store with Speed and Social proof optimization solutions

Welcome to this week’s release! This time, we redesigned the homepage layout to help you quickly get access to Transcy app features. Besides, we’re excited to launch FireApps Experts – where you can easily get in touch with our experts and find support to optimize your online store’s speed.

New Homepage Layout

We rearranged and packaged all the pieces into neat sections for your convenient use. You can also notice the new “Store evaluation” block with our two exciting features: measure your Shopify store’s speed and social proof strength.

Transcy’s new homepage layout

Store’s Speed Score Evaluation

Website speed is a measurement of how fast the content on your site loads. There’s no need to argue that a faster site speed means a better user experience and conversion rate.

But do you know how your online store is performing in benchmark with your competitors? Do you know the factors that impact your site speed and how to improve them?

Let us give you a clue.

Starting today, you can check your Shopify site’s speed score right in the Transcy app dashboard! We analyze all the critical factors that influence your store’s speed and represent them by a score ranging from 0 (Poorest) to 100 (Best), based on Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool.

Now you can check your store speed right on the Transcy app’s dashboard

In addition, you can also find valuable analysis and advice on improving your speed by clicking on the “Fix speed issue with expert” button to live chat with our experts.

Social Proof Score Evaluation

Next to the speed score zone in the Transcy app dashboard, we’ve added the social proof evaluation section. The social proof score gives you an idea of how well you apply social proof (for example, testimonials and product reviews) across your site.

Having a good social proof ranking will help you level up your conversion rate.
Improve social proof score now with Ali Reviews.

We recommend using Ali Reviews – the most popular Product Reviews app on the Shopify app store. With Ali Reviews, you can collect and showcase your best reviews across your store to build trust and level up conversion rates.
The good news is that thanks to the full integration between Transcy and Ali Reviews, you can now easily translate any of your product reviews into different languages. Explore all Ali Reviews’ features here.

Get expert support to optimize your Shopify store’s speed

Optimizing a website’s speed is an endless, painful process. You probably are stuck with bunches of technical stuff, many code-related things you are not familiar with, and you do not have enough time to do it all by yourself.

FireApps Experts is here to help!

  • Dedicated support from 5+ years of experienced technical experts
  • 100% guarantees on speeding up your website or else get your money back
  • Done within just 3-5 business days
  • Do not affect your store design and features.

Chat with us now to learn more! Or you can navigate to the FireApps Experts in the left-hand-sided menu when you need.

FireApps Experts help you speed up your website.

For everything else new this week, check out our list of Enhancements below:

  • Improve translating speed on Homepage, Checkout, Cart, Store Theme.
  • Improve Currency UI and Currency settings.

If you have questions or concerns, reach out to our 24/7 support. We’re more than happy to help.