How does “Sending Scheduled” impact your email review request?

This article aims to guide you through the mechanism of “Sending scheduled” in your Email review request.

  1. What is Sending Scheduled?

Sending scheduled is the scheduled time for the review request to be sent via Email after your fulfilled orders are arranged to queued in the email list.

  1. How does the Sending Scheduled work?

In Review Request Email, when you get started turning the toggle Auto Schedule Requests on, don’t forget to customize the Sending Scheduled as well. Since this will impact the date your customers get your Email review request.

Our default scheduled time is currently set up at 7 days which means after 7 days since the date of orders are fulfilled, the Email review requests will be automatically sent to your customers.

But if you make any changes of Sending Scheduled compared to the previous settings before, please keep in mind that the newly updated schedule will be effective only for order fulfilled after this date of adjustment. 

The following illustration will demonstrate more clearly for you

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