New Currency & Currency Switchers visualization version release

On November 30, 2021, Transcy officially released new updated features in Currency. We focused on currency settings and optimized the new UI, UX for Switcher settings for every element in this new version to help your store work with features more smoothly.

We’ll walk you through some recent news.

1. Currency settings

You can now customize how currencies are displayed on Switcher (Name, Code, Symbol, Flag), including the default currency, in this new version. Furthermore, you can manually change the exchange rate for each currency in the Currency Setting.

Transcy - Translate & Currency Converter
Transcy allows you to edit currency name, symbols, flags

You can learn more here:

We also improved the Currency menu by adding on the “Bulk action” that allows you to publish/ unpublish many target currencies or all at once. Besides, Target currencies can be sorted by Status (Publish/Unpublish) or Exchange rate type (Auto/Manual).

Transcy - Translate & Currency Converter
Add on the “Bulk action”

2. Currency Switcher settings

We’ve reorganized the Switcher menu to make it easier to use and provide a better experience with Transcy.

Switcher will have 3 sections:

– General: general settings, on/off features

– Templates: Neutral, Dark, Light theme

Transcy - Translate & Currency Converter
Transcy add 3 templates: dark, light, neutral

– Customization: Positions, Switcher style, Switcher disclosure, color scheme

This arrangement will improve your store’s first impression. More information can be found here:

That’s it. I’m looking forward to the next version update in the near future.