Transcy integrated with Ali Reviews

Today’s news is exciting: the two biggest FireApps products have a new collaboration! Transcy has officially integrated with Ali Reviews to make it easier to translate your Shopify store review widget content, gain trust, and build strong social proof in order to reach a larger global audience.

Ali Reviews – Top reviews solution package can assist your store to collect and display reviews, as well as push them on social media in a variety of beautiful ways.

Today, we’ll go over some specifics and explain how Transcy collaborates with Ali Reviews to translate review content into specific languages.

1. First and foremost, you must ensure that Ali Reviews is installed in a single step in your Shopify store.

Transcy integrates with Ali Reviews
Make sure Ali Reviews are installed

2. Next, you have to set-up Transcy

To translate the review contents on the Ali Reviews widget, you must have a language selector (switcher) and multiple language translations on your store. Then, using the switcher, your customers can view your entire website, including the review content, in the language of their choice.

The following guide can show you how to set-up Transcy easier: Transcy integrates with Ali Reviews.

3. How does Ali Reviews work on your review widget?

Your store needs to enable Ali Reviews widgets and already imported reviews for your store. Don’t forget that there are 2 types of translation on review widgets: basic and advanced. What is that?

  • Basic translation: this allows you to auto-translate your review widgets without the ability to customize the translation of the primary contents based on your preferences.
  • Advanced translation: automatically translate your review widgets and also allows you to change the basic translation to a better one that you prefer.

And you can only EDIT/MANAGE your review widget content with the Advanced translation. 

Transcy integrates with Ali Reviews
You can edit widget content in advanced translations

We hope it works well with your store and that you will stay tuned for the next version!