Why do I need to verify my store?

Shopify is the ideal platform for an online business, allowing any store of any size to trade and generate income. However, according to a recent Fakespot report, over 20% of Shopify stores are “involved in fraudulent practices.” Thus, verifying your Shopify store is essential at this time if you want to protect your online reputation and prevent any counterfeit activity.

Maintain and improve store reputation

When there are so many choices for people, they frequently move between different brands to search and compare. Reputation and trust are two elements that encourage customers to return to the same store for repeat transactions.

By verifying your store’s authenticity, you demonstrate that you are serious about building credibility in an untrustworthy internet environment.

It’s also a benefit to the crowd to ensure that stores are real rather than fraudulent. Your customer will consider it is a sign of your care about your relationship with them. Don’t you want your customers to feel safe and comfortable when they shop in your store?

Why do I need to verify my store?

Improve customer experience

Today’s retail businesses are focused primarily on meeting the demands of customers. Customers want a fast, informative, beautiful, and most importantly, entirely safe experience from the moment they land on a website to the moment they make a purchase.

Customers will return to the store that gives a better experience for them. In the context of store verification, this involves making the consumer purchasing process safer, eliminating suspicion barriers, leading to a better customer experience and more sales.

Fraud prevention

Unfortunately, fraudulent stores have become a part of the e-commerce industry. As a legitimate and devoted store owner, you also have a responsibility to combat fraud, take action to protect your customers, and reduce the complexity of the online business environment. 

Get Exclusive Offers by Verifying the Store

We are delighted to offer special offers to all of our valued customers who agree to verify their store to contribute to a transparent Shopify environment. We will give suitable special offers based on the demands of each store owner.

By scanning, this Ali Reviews program will help your business verify your store and detect fraudulent transactions.

Every step of the process is swift and friendly, generating a sense of security and comfort for all involved.

We are engaged in worthwhile endeavors. Contact us right away if you’d like to have your store verified.