Getting to know all the powerful features on the new version of Ali Reviews

Product Update
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Getting to know all the powerful features on the new version of Ali Reviews

We have just released a new version of Ali Reviews – version 6.0

After considering our users’ feedback, we decided to create a new version of Ali Reviews – version 6.0. In this new version:

  • You can easily follow the flow to Get – Show – Manage your Reviews. 
  • More new features are available, such as: Migrate reviews from other apps via CSV file, new review widgets (carousel slider…), more settings to control how your reviews perform. 
  • Above all else, the new version is loading much faster than the old one and we still keep improving this point since we know how important it is.

From this version, we rearrange the orders of Menu in the more logical way. The new menu will follow the flow: Get reviews (include all methods to get reviews) → Show reviews (show reviews on storefront easily with just some clicks) → Manage your reviews → Social reviews displaying → Email campaign.

You might find it is quite confusing after switching to the new version. Please take a look on the comparative table (between Ali Reviews 5.4 and Ali Reviews 6.0) below in order to find where the features placed:


Old version (version 5.4)

New version (version 6.0)


Import Reviews from AliExpressGet Reviews → Import ReviewsGet → Import Reviews → From AliExpress or Sample ReviewsTo import reviews from AliExpress
Import sample reviewsGet Reviews → Import ReviewsGet → Import Reviews → From AliExpress or Sample ReviewsUse our Sample review template to import reviews (The old CSV template from previous version)
Import Reviews from Other apps via CSV fileNot availableGet → Import Reviews → From CSV FileImport reviews which are exported from other apps via a CSV file
Import SettingsGet >Get Reviews → Import SettingsGet → Import Reviews → Import SettingsChange Import filter settings to get reviews which match your needs
Create a review showcase pageGet Reviews → Create Review PageShow → Widget → Select Review Page and add widget
Add Review PopsReview Pops → TriggerShow → Widget → Add Review Pops widget → Product Options, Review Options, InteractionShowing the review pops on any page of your store
Add Review BoxAdd code manuallyShow → Widget → Add Review Box widgetShowing the review box on any page of your store
Add Carousel SliderNot availableShow → Widget → Add Carousel Slider widgetShowing the carousel slider on any page of your store
General Theme SettingsDisplay Settings → Theme SettingsShow → Theme SettingsGeneral settings for all widgets (Default settings)
Theme Settings for a specific widgetNot availableShow → Widget → Open the widget → Look and FeelCustomized theme settings for each widget
Translation for rating textDisplay Settings → TranslationShow → Theme Settings → Go to TranslationTranslate the text of the rating stars
Translation for review widgetDisplay Settings → TranslationShow → Widget → Select Product page → Review box widget → Look and Feel → Go to TranslationTranslate the text of the review widget. For e.g. Write a review button, Widget’s title
Review Pops appearanceReview Pops → ThemeShow → Widget → Select page → Add Review Pops widget → Look and FeelCustomize the look of the Review Pops
Manage all reviewsNot availableManage → Manage ReviewsManage all reviews of your store. From here you can edit/ delete/ pin/ publish… the reviews
Manage manual written reviewsGet Reviews → Approve ReviewsManage → Approve ReviewsManage your customer manual written reviews from front store’s widget or from Email campaign
Auto Update ReviewsAutomations → Auto Update ReviewsManage → Auto Update ReviewsUpdate the Auto Update reviews rules and manage the auto update reviews
Widget performance1/ Dashboard
2/ Review Pops → Statistic
Reports → Insight Analysis section → Widget Insight tabTracking the performance of all widgets
Compare widgetNot availableReports → Insight Analysis section → Widget Insight tab → Compare widgetCompare the performance of 2 or more widgets
Email PerformanceEmail Campaign → StatisticReports → Insight Analysis section → Email Campaign tabTracking Email performance
Email HistoryEmail Campaign → StatisticEmails → Emails historyChecking the Email status (Pending, Sent, Expired) on Email History
Email Campaign → Email Settings1. Emails → Request Reviews
2. Get → Request Reviews → Request Reviews by Emails
Enable and schedule the Email Request Reviews campaign
Google Shopping FeedAutomations → Google Shopping FeedSocial → Google Shopping FeedShowing rating on your Google Shopping Feed
PricingPricingYour account’s name → Current Pricing planChecking your current plan and view the detailed Pricing of all plans
SupportSupportYour account’s name → Get helpVisit our Helpdesk in-app

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