Transcy got featured in Global Staff Picks

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Transcy got featured in Global Staff Picks

As the fastest growing e-commerce market in the world, customers can have a pick of sellers across the globe, it’s becoming a necessity for brands and online retailers to showcase their products to global markets.

Loved and believed by over 12,000 merchants, Transcy – A powerful translation and currency converter app launched to support all size businesses in selling cross-border rapidly. And with our efforts to improve app performance, upgrade new powerful features, and today, we’re so thrilled to cheer to Transcy got featured in Global Staff Picks. It marks a new significant milestone for Transcy’s team to endeavor the next journeys.

For the person who reads this blog for the first time, let us list further information for greater understanding about Transcy:

What is Transcy?

According to, global e-commerce sales reached $2.5 trillion in 2019, it’s estimated to reach $6.5 trillion in 2023. So that’s why Transcy launches to help all businesses sizes sell cross-border to reach global markets and increase revenues.

Transcy app
Transcy is a translation and currency converter tool

Transcy provides a flexible way to make Shopify stores go multilingual and multi-currencies to create localized shopping experiences for your visitors. It uses Google and Shopify APIs to increase high-quality translations, improve the guest’s experience, and support 167 currencies for your website.

Finally, Transcy is a must-have app for translation and currency converter solutions with every Shopify store.

How do you sell international markets instantly with Transcy?

Knowing customer’s demands, Transcy delivers as many features for a website translation and currency converter solution as possible. 

1. Translate and manage your store languages 

Transcy allows you to translate your Shopify store into several different languages to appeal to a larger audience. It translates all types of content to talk to native shoppers easily. You can redirect visitors to your store to the languages they prefer.

It offers and supports over 100 languages, integrated with Google and Shopify Translation API to increase translation efficiency. With so many languages available, you can sell across the world within minutes.

Then, you can manage all your translations in a single place. Easily review and edit all your translated content manually through a simple interface.

Translate features
Your translated store content is managed in single place

Furthermore, The new APIs enable Shopify merchants to set up their stores in multiple languages.

First, the Shopify translation APIs enable a consistent customer experience for international buyers. It will create and retrieve translated content and allow customers to view products in multiple languages.

The Google translate API allows you to connect with the same machine learning that Google uses in its search engine when it encounters text in another language than yours. 

Shopify APIs
Transcy use Shopify APIs for high quality translation

If you use your website to reach out to customers worldwide, make it readable languages, the Shopify and Google APIs are the access key to approach more international customers and improve the guest’s experience for your website.

With Transcy, translate your store content instantly without dictionary attendance or themes for translation. Your native shoppers have the shopping experience and feel like at home and it helps drive more sales.

2. Third-party app features 

It is one of the most exclusive features of Transcy to help you translate all of the content in front-end apps such as text box, information bar, review box, etc,… with professional translations.

Third-party elements
Third-party elements is an unique feature of Transcy

The integration to Transcy of the third-party apps gets smarter, faster with your whole store translation. This feature is synchronized with your store’s existence content. 

Work with any popular third-party apps like Free Shipping Bar, Loox, Ali Reviews, Sales Box, Quick Announcement Bar, Sales Pop – Social Proof,…

3. Media Translation

Transcy not only helps you translate all text content on all pages but also supports translating media on your website swiftly with the Media Translation feature. It is the only app that allows you to translate the homepage banner, product images, image with text sections, etc,… that other apps can not.

Media Translation
Media Translation is one of the most powerful features

With Media Translation, you could replace media/image for any product/collection or your pages like Blogs, Articles, Navigation elements, e.g… to have their local versions in target languages on your websites.

Transcy allows you to add specific images for every translated version of your store’s content. You just upload an image or give the URL to the image that needs to be translated. Just select the source language of the image and your target language that converts it.

4. Auto-update translation

Auto-update translation stands out as a unique feature of Transcy with its automation and flows that every merchant is seeking out to save your time and effort.

Auto-update Translation
Auto-update Translation helps to save you time and efforts

Whenever you add the newest products or content to your store, Transcy always automatically detects and translates them in just a few minutes. Furthermore, it also refreshes your store everyday to save translation time instantly.

The translation tool used will depend on your language, guaranteeing you the most accurate tool for a given language.

5. Currency converter

Prices have always been an important factor for shoppers in making purchase decisions. Sometimes, they’d want to compare the price of a particular product in your store to that of the price charged for the same product in different stores.

Currency Converter
Auto-display prices based on customer’s location

To meet our merchant demand for saving money, you can use both convenient languages and currency converter features in a single app. When you enable multiple currencies, your customers can view prices in your store. 

With the newest version of Transcy, we unlock 167 currencies to support all users. Moreover, we upgraded some minor settings to enhance better experiences. All convenient currency upgrades take advantage to increase website traffic and conversions.

6. Auto-detect visitor location

Transcy auto-detect your visitor location to display friendly language and currency switcher on mobile and tablet devices to fit your store themes.

The switcher will appear in the header bar of your store that acquires your choosing positions and you can easily customize the switcher style for your store to increase better customer experiences.

Switcher style
Transcy auto-detect your visitor location to display friendly language and currency switcher

All of Transcy’s features are the key and effective way to help you to identify potential target markets and start selling cross-border instantly.


Selling in multiple markets is an effective solution to reach more shoppers and drive revenues for your business. Localizing the customer experience is key to traffic and ultimately conversions. 

The multilingual and multi-currencies website helps your Shopify store to keep as transparent as possible and lets you take a major step forward in achieving your foothold in global markets.

Now, let’s go to sell cross-border instantly with the Transcy Free plan. It allows you to translate content up to 2000 words, free translate homepage, and support 167 currencies and many benefits that Transcy rewards you. 

Kick-start your business without borders, you’d essentially use an appropriate plugin that helps you implement multilingual and multi-currencies on your Shopify store with Transcy from now!

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