How to edit content manually in the Transcy app?

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How to edit content manually in the Transcy app?

Your business has an excellent product and service and you use Transcy for a professional translation agency to translate your storeโ€™s content into other languages.

Even so, if you are not properly editing your text, you may not be conveying your message effectively. 

In this article, we will show you how to edit content manually for a better version in the Transcy app.

You can easily replace/edit your translation content for any pages/ elements in your store by:

  • Clicking on Translation > Manage Translation > Edit translation
  • Choose the page/element you want to edit.
Edit content manually
Edit content manually in the Manage Translation


In each page/element, you can easily check all statuses.

  • There are 4 translation statuses you may see, and you can click on the Status tab to sort them, including Update needed, Untranslated, Translated, Translating.
Edit content manually in app
Update status in app

By clicking on the pencil icon or the product name, you can edit translated content on any specific product page.

Edit content manually in Transcy
Edit translated content in any particular product page by clicking on the pencil icon or the product name.

Then select any element and language that you wish to modify > Edit the content in the target translation section on the right side as desired > Save

Edit content manually in Transcy app
The next step for editing content manually

OR you could translate any content you want again > select Translate > Before translating, preview all element options (you can check or uncheck any options you want) > Translate Page.

Edit content manually in Transcy app
Translate page
Edit content manually in Transcy app
Translate product page

Then return to your product page, select a language on Switcher, and view the results.

Edit content manually
Choose language on Switcher

That’s all there is to it. I hope you have a pleasant experience with it and enjoy the app.

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