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Product Update

Transcy - New pricing model has been officially released

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Transcy's new pricing model, which we've been hard at work on in...

3 min read


Transcy vs Langify: Choose the best one?

With Transcy & Langify, it just makes your e-commerce website multilingual when you're cheating yourself out of...

5 min read


6 multilingual SEO tips for your Shopify store website in 2021

We'll look at some concrete tips you can take as part of high-quality content marketing strategy to outperform...

9 min read


How to edit content manually in the Transcy app?

We will show you how to edit content manually for a better version in the Transcy app.

2 min read


How to set up and manage Shopify change currency stores with Transcy?

Online shopping has grown in popularity over the last few years. As an owner e-commerce store, you are looking...

4 min read


How to create the Shopify translate checkout page for stores?

If you sell an online store, checkout is an important part of the purchasing process and it should be maximum...

4 min read


5 Best free currency converter apps in Shopify 2021

We would like to introduce to you guys 5 of the best free currency converter apps for your own Shopify store to...

6 min read


Top 5 best Shopify translation apps in 2022

As an e-commerce retailer does business online, the concept of translating websites is a no-brainer. One of...

7 min read


3 tips to sell cross-border with Shopify multi-currency stores

The world is getting increasingly smaller as online shoppers, and it's far more likely that customers from...

8 min read